Bentley reveals details of the latest model of car the Continental GT

Announced Bentley Bentley for full details on the model (GT V8) new from her car (Continental GT) leading, and other specifications of fittings of the New launched across the of the model year of the car.

Equipped model this year of car (Continental GT W12) ceiling panoramic glass New.

While now available all models (Continental GT) options stylish again, like the touch of carbon fiber high gloss front and side doors inside the cabin to enhance the character of the luxury that Bentley is renowned.

Thanks to the gasoline engine (V8), the model (the Continental GT V8) combines the driving experience lively and interactive of on the one hand and levels of unparalleled technological luxury and sophisticated.

Launched recently, the model (V8) on the application of the Bentley customizable (Car Configurator), where customers can explore a wide range of options available to design a unique car correspond to different tastes and needs and lifestyle of the individual.

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Often considered (Continental GT) is one of the most car exclusive and unique, where 7 million of options customers can pick from them to customize the design of their car.

It features a panoramic glass roof bring the experience and see the fun for passengers from a new perspective through the journey of their special inside the cabin, which reflect the ingenuity of Mark Bentley.

Is available the new ceiling exclusively on models (Continental GT W12) coupe vs the price starts from 3150 GBP.

It was the development of the new ceiling using glass polarized to reduce the glare of the sun, giving passengers a clearer vision of their surroundings.

There is also a curtain Indoor can be operated electronically from the console and closed to passengers some privacy and enjoy the luxury provided by the compartment (the Continental GT) luxury.

And curtains, interior leather Alcantara luxury (Alcantara), are available in the colors match the team colors, the five ten have available Bentley.

Also available now all models (Continental GT) options stylish again, like the touch of carbon fiber high gloss to enhance the character of the shelves and the compartments Bentley.

Are available carbon fiber high gloss front and side doors inside the cabin, while covering the wooden veneer in high-gloss black (Piano Black Veneer) the central control unit.

Equipped (Continental GT V8) engine 4.0-liter from the new generation is running the turbocharger twin provides the power of 542 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque.

And the new engine between the immense power and high efficiency in fuel consumption, as well as to distinguish it per engine (V8) is possible in spite of the presence of the exhaust system four-wheel pipe elegant.

Recall that it has been designed and engineered second generation of the car (Continental GT V8) by coupe and convertible and handcrafted in the city of Crewe in Britain.

And unique style somewhere between interactive performance with the driver, appealing design and cutting-edge technology.

A unique set of capabilities, luxury car-high performance:

Form car (Continental GT) the new second generation the height of the achievements of the Bentley design and engineering, so they belong to the category of high-performance luxury cars that had been founded by Mark Bentley in 2003 when it launched the first generation of the car (Continental GT).

Feature car (GT V8) system of measuring dynamic due to excellent time, which saves experience and a reflection of the greater flexibility and responsiveness.

It offers gasoline engine (V8 engine) new 4.0-liter, 32-valve top speed of 318 kilometers per hour, accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour within 4 seconds for the Coupe.

The model (Convertible) exposed, so the acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour within 4.1 seconds.

Besides performance activity, the car (GT V8) provides enhanced efficiency in fuel consumption, which is due in part to the ability of the engine to run on four of the platters eight only, and in suitable conditions, without compromising on driving pleasure.

It also takes advantage of the new engine technology operating Start-Stop also available when driving at speeds approaching a stop.

Featuring (Continental GT) new stylish design and very charming, wheels and polished metal 20 inch with 10 ribs, with the possibility of choosing from among nine different designs of wheels have bigger sizes up to 22 inches.

Featuring all of the style of a coupé (Coupe) and convertible (Convertible) running the quad exhaust pipes and badges (V8) minutes adorn the front wings.

Offers interior design innovative and luxurious in a car (Continental GT V8) improvements exceptional distinguished within the category of high-performance luxury cars.

The cabin interior crafted by hand of natural materials and monolithic design, such as high quality leather, and a rare collection of veneer wood sustainable.

The system of Bentley’s voice putting 10 speakers to generate an atmosphere of entertaining with capacity of 650 watts.

The car (GT V8) package innovations centered around the driver, such as advanced dashboard, digital full; unit display Rotary (Bentley (Bentley Rotating Display.

The formation of this unit on the touch screen great measure 12.3 inches exist in the unity of three aspects, namely, run the wood veneer to reveal the multi-touch screen as well as three counters and an elegant analog.

Provide car (Continental GT V8) new personal leadership expected of a luxury car high-performance leader in its class, along with the opportunity to explore a range of drive modes available through Bentley’s system to the dynamics of the driving (Drive Dynamics Control).

Can choose among the leadership styles are different: style, comfortable (Comfort); or the style of Bentley; or Sport mode (Sport), Where is adjusted the suspension and the gearbox and chassis systems other commensurate with the driving mode selected.

And enjoy the car (Continental GT V8) version of its coupe and convertible with the driving dynamic (Bentley Dynamic Ride) from Bentley fitted as an extra, which is about the advanced control system and intelligent mind of the coup to control the car.

The system operates on the control and regulation of electronic triggers in the anti-roll bars, with a presence in each of the axes of the vehicle front and rear, and thus improves the properties of cohesion behind leadership, it also prevents the feeling that the car is lighter and more accurate.

The air suspension on strengthening and improving the ride comfort and the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and the possibility of change of degree of hardness pulsating sports to the degree of smoothness appropriate for a limousine, luxury according to the driving mode chosen by the driver.

The damping system activity, works to provide comfort and stability while driving through damping the vibrations of the Defense group continuously, depending on the road condition, and vehicle and driver requirements.

Available models (GT V8) a wide range of driver assistance features, such as the payment system an effective all-wheel drive system electric power-assisted steering, and effective assistance in maintaining the path, the help system traffic, the system assistance to park the car.

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