Best 3 glasses virtual reality VR in the market

Virtual reality technology Virtual Reality is a technique to destroy the valley fear the form to open a new in the tech world, became the focus of attention of global companies specializing in technology and users alike, especially with the advent of many of the cars that use this technology such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive high quality with track precise movement and high quality and a huge variety of games.That are also expensive, adding to the need for a computer powerful to run the games.

Are available glasses virtual reality a widely cited, but they are expensive, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to experience the VR if you have a modern smartphone, where you can acquisition another type of these glasses based smart phones and a great choice of cheap lets use the technique of VR in gaming, watch movies and experience the world by default at a cheap price. In this article, we present to you the best 3 glasses of this category.

Google Daydream

Price: $ 99 (375 SAR/AED)

In an attempt to bring virtual reality to the masses is relatively simple compared to the Oculus or Vive. The Google way of Daydream that comes with the controller for movement and the touch pad and three buttons, when in VR mode, you can aim by moving the remote in the air and browse the menus using the touch panel, and provided Google also versions compatible with Daydream for Android apps like YouTube uses and the range of games compatible with the virtual reality.
Forming a set of supported devices on the phones pixels and LG V30 and Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and Note 8 and Moto Z, etc., require glasses generally phone specifications a good technique.

Samsung Gear VR

Price : 130 $ (490 SAR/AED)

System Samsung Gear VR is substantially similar to the Google Daydream as to have the top padded is equipped with a dedicated Controller doing duets with your phone and allows you to focus on the area of virtual reality. However, there are some key differences, so the control more comfortable and there is a touch pad extra on the side of the sky itself, which saves you a lot of ways to in your apps.

But the biggest difference is the library of the Oculus, where Samsung has partnered with the company Oculus to get a library of games and apps that you can’t get them to Daydream.

Merge VR

Price: $ 35 (130 SAR/AED)

System of Merge VR is one of the best virtual reality glasses in terms of comfort and usability for long periods of time, where the same principle of glasses Google Cardboard carbon, but it up with a belt elastic band is nice to keep it connected with your head.

System and Merge the VR is also much cheaper than other glasses on this list, but it includes some negative aspects, including not having a controller until it has been verified in most applications by targeting your head or use a magnet connected to the headset β€œclick”. There are also fewer applications because there is not a lot of games and apps that work without a controller, however, if all you want is to watch video clips with virtual reality, it is the cheapest way to do it.

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