Best 4 Apps to change voice during call

There are many applications which change the photo and add effects to you during the call are available on the App Store and Google Play, but few of them carries that credibility in the quality of performance and ease of use.
We use here the best 4 apps gained popular acceptance in this area.

Call Voice Changer

Think this app is the funniest app in its field, lets you add many effects to your voice in real time during the procedure call. Regardless of the change of the degree of your voice, you can apply effects switch between them with ease .

Select it from the Google Play Store:



MagicCall it has a lot of features in terms of changing the sound compared to the application of the above. It has some sounds saved preset that makes the sound of your new special , you need to prepare the pictures you want in advance, as you can add more in the background to look as if you are talking in a public place like the street or at a party . This is what would look like when listening to you talk to the phone .

To experience the app you need to register first , download the app from the Google Play Store :


Call Voice Changer

This app is the most professional and allows you to deal with your voice during the call away from the presets, you can change the sound characteristics as speed or extra effects in the background come as a shock.

To download the app



Develop Funcalls feature similar to other investigations, where he works to change your voice to five voices prepared in advance , you can switch between them during a call !
The app includes 10 sounds either a different background.

The app supports recording office to be able to easily share it with friends, download the app :


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