Best 4 apps to lock files and apps Android phones fingerprint

Often repeated positions where we are giving our phones to people in one way or another we are forced to open the lock for it, means that our data are likely to affect it. For that there are apps to lock files, Other Applications, code, PIN or password and even the reader insight Android phones, here we will review the best 4 of them available at Google Play.

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock (1

 AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock- screenshot Application to ensure the application of your important it supports the reader insight as a means of insurance, it works on Android devices the issuance of 6.0 and above, as it depicts who tries to snooping on your phone, in addition to being completely free and does not contain ads pop-up or fixed, it also enables you to shut down some services also in the phone like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Download the app: Google Play [divider][/divider]

AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin (2

 AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin- screenshot Is another application characteristic allows you to close your apps and secure them by PIN code or by a code word, and the most important is insurance fingerprint reader, and also export of trying to evolution on your phone, the app works quickly and accurately is great as it’s free and free from annoying ads. Download the app: Google Play [divider][/divider]

FingerSecurity (3

 FingerSecurity- screenshot Think this app is the oldest which allows users of smartphones to lock and protect apps etc by reader insight, and gives you many options also such as a PIN, as it also supports more than fingerprint, you can allow more than one person to open local applications. Download the app: Google Play


4) SpSoft AppLock

It is a convenient option for those who want security for his applications, where it can lock them with a password or pattern or a fingerprint reader, it also captures Silva for trying to access to your applications, preferably in that, in addition, it supports 30 languages and is available by another group of nurses. Download the app: Google Play

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