Best 4 features coming to iPhone 6.1 inch economic cost

Plan Apple to launch three different versions of the iPhone the fall of the year, to be one version of economic, 6.1-inch at the price available 650-750$, so let’s take a look at the highlights what sets it apart according to the leaks.

1) screen without parties

Apple iPhone 9: best expected new features

Remember the rumors that the iPhone 2018 the economy will get LCD screen $ 6.1 inch without parties with a piece of screen trailing like the iPhone X for Face Detection, which is expected to apply to the top of the phone with the screen increase with top quality but with the constancy of the ratio of length to width at 19.5:9 phones three.

Ultra-high screen brightness

Apple iPhone 9: best expected new features

Intend to Apple TV use display with fully active iPhone 6.1 inch, and that it’s not OLED, but at the same time is flexible enough to bend, allowing downsizing of the parties containing the sensor connectors down as much as possible in order to eliminate the lower limb, which is something no company achieved only Apple.

Also need to get the technique +MLCD existing phone LG G7, which adds white pixels further to the points colored red, green, blue, traditional, so-called light out through these white dots are full without the need to provide the three colors of them first before it turns to white, what it means in a practical level of Super Brightness with lower power consumption, a mechanism to reverse the Treaty of the iPhone 5.8 and 6.5-inch which will Screen the Samsung OLED.

Finally, it is likely to see a technique different to three-dimensional through the use of a new layer of sensors the exact, which may lead to increase the price of the iPhone 6.1 inch.

Face recognition

Apple iPhone 9: best expected new features

Considered one of the most important features of the iPhone X is the exact face, it seems that the economic category 6.1 of iPhones 2018 will carry on the same technology, but probably not with the camera TrueDepth sensors many used to scan faces in iPhone X, so that these additions may increase the rate of women economic.

Different colors

Apple iPhone 9: best expected new features

According to the leaks OnLeaks famous for their precision, the engineers of Apple are currently experimenting with the use of many colors each of white, black, gray, red, blue, orange, syphilis, for use in the upcoming iPhones, it will most probably be abandoning some immediately after the stages testing.

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