Best 5 apps to search, using the camera

The longer the search by the camera images of the best research methods offered by search engines in recent years, with no need to know the name of what you look at or description, enter the keywords until you get similar results. In this article we’ll discuss the best apps to search by camera photos:

1. Pinterest

The app is a platform to share photos by a large segment of the professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. It is through him, after the establishment of the account or settlement account Facebook, image search enter the keywords, or capture images via the camera by clicking the camera icon in the search bar to open the camera.

Google Play | Apple Store


2. PitPicks

An application is characterized by simplicity, lets search for images by keywords or upload pictures or captured with the camera.

Google Play


3. Reverse Image Search

Offers the option to search for images in Google by image you upload or captured. As you can image search on your phone.

Google Play


4. Google Goggles

The application submitted by Google and allows you to search through the guide camera to a painting or a famous landmark or a QR code or a photo are common. In addition, you can check the translation of texts that pick up their camera from the and Latin languages.

Google Play


5. Reversee

The application allows you to edit images before search for similar photos on Google, and if you want the search to capture images from the camera directly, there’s a bunch of Pro you can buy it for 4$

Apple Store

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