Best 6 games coming soon to Android

After the launch of a new car racing game Asphalt 9 yesterday, waiting in 2018 a number of exciting games coming to the Android platform, and this is the best 6:

1) free

Game Free which dominated the gaming platforms by 2018, the company said the developer of the launch will be during the summer, which began June 21 and ends September 23, as monitored on the website of the company Android phones that will support the game.

2) Brawl Stars

A combat game between two teams, 3 players against 3 players, supports game styles variety, such as style of Gem Grab, where the team which collects 10 jewels and clings to them to the last fight is the winner, and style Heist where you must choose opponent area that protects it during the defense of your area, the pattern of the Bounty to collect the stars to get rid of the opponent’s team. Probably gonna get this game before any game on the list, having already launched in some States to the test.

3) Project Cars GO

Car racing game-famous brows ended up 4 and Xbox one will be launched version of Android offered a lot of cars and options to many customizable, to be probably the best car racing game on the phones when they arrive soon, as the company said the developer.

4) Harry Potter

Company Site developer Pokemon Joe is working on the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to depend also on augmented reality, and “will speak to the players spell out to explore the mysteries of the real world and the fighter and monster legends, as well as cooperation with other players to defeat enemies” by the game description; based on the success of the company’s previous with Pokemon Joe, would probably be the Harry Potter of the best games of the year when launched, and currently all you can do is register with the site to get notified officially launched by.

5) Oddmar

An adventure game where the vikings lazy selfish for cheating on the task of burning and smother the forest or expelled from his clan, and includes 24 levels filled with traps, used for magical powers of different kinds of mushrooms as you can see in the teaser above. The game is currently available on iOS for the price of 5$ and got an excellent rating, and often will have the same price on Android, but there is no official information yet.

6) PayDay: Crime War

A game popular on computers and coming soon to Android and iOS, and between the two teams, thieves who seek to rob the Bank and the anti-speed, 8 players Maximum, the higher the level the more you get new weapons and abilities, and do not mention the official site of information about its launch but they will soon be available.

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