Best Android apps for photo editing

The app store from Google has tens of thousands of apps for editing photos, most of which do not offer anything except a few filters Yes a couple of settings. However, there are several programs that will give you very flexible options to work with photos. All you need is your Android smartphone and a few minutes of free time in order to download the app from the store.

We should not fear that the program will be difficult. Yet the smartphone is not a PC and to use then a bulky application very not comfortable, so below are the apps that work with them is a pleasure, and the result is very impressive.


VSCO is one of the best applications for editing images. Has the easiest user interface and quality presets, which is not similar to a typical pre-defined filters available from the competition. VSCO also has the ability to organize the workspace so that you can choose only those tools that are right for you.


PicsArt offers a lot of functions. You could even say that the app has almost all the features of the PC version of Photoshop. While they are easy and intuitive to use Features and fully integrated professional installation, as well as features to improve image quality, elimination of defects and artifacts of photos, masks, presets, and so on.


Pixlr offers a gentleman’s set of features for photo editing like adjust the brightness, crop photo, rotate, adjust exposure, contrast, sharpness and many others. But the built-in effects much positive to speak does not, as a matter of fact they are the standard filters from any other app. But the set of fonts for creating signatures is impressive. You should pay attention to the function of “styling” that allows you to convert your photo to sketch, watercolor, poster, and so on.


In addition to the standard set Pixomatic has its “killer feature”. It allows users to change the background image without touching what is in the foreground. It’s not always looks good but when will the result come out very decent.


Once blew up the Internet application Prisma is now a little faded into the background, but has not lost its relevance. Prisma provides a simple but effective way to edit photos. Almost every effect has a chance to get a unique photo with unique style. The presence of settings like brightness, contrast and others, and can not speak. Of course, all of this is here. And even a little more.


Snapseed is a Google design. The app has several interesting features to edit, the most interesting of which is portrait mode. It allows users to improve the color of the eyes, face, edit, skin, retouch blemishes and so on. If you are looking for a program to edit portraits — definitely your choice. Joke? There is even possible (in known limits, of course), to change the position of the head on the photo.


ToolWiz is almost a complete analogue of Prisma, so to dwell on functions does not make much sense. However, own the Pro mode is almost as good as the already mentioned PicsArt. So if you are looking for a 2 in 1 app to look at ToolWiz is definitely worth it.


It’s pretty simple to use app for photo editing. However, it is very specialized. His goal is to edit the sky. Though this functionality is limited in terms of creating the beautiful effects of sky and clouds, the PICNIC has almost no equal.

Adobe Lightroom

Well, where do without Adobe! Lightroom for Android offers almost the same experience using that and Photoshop on Mac or PC. You can change the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness and any other aspect of the image. Lightroom also offers the ability to change individual colors to improve the General appearance of the photograph. There is also the ability to adjust highlights, midtones and shadows. Even users can add a vignette to the image, and remove the haze. Lightroom has some presets for fast and easy editing.


Unlike other apps for photo editing in the list, VIMAGE offers that can’t do no more. Moving it adds effects on top of your photo, from here, by the way, the name VIMAGE(Video Image). The app allows users to apply a video effect to the image to create a really cool and unique footage. VIMAGE has several presets including rain on the window, steam, fireflies, smoke, moving clouds and so on. And the interface is simple and straightforward. Definitely worth a try.

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