Best Android apps this week [#2 – 2018]

(Best Android Apps) is a weekly series talking about best apps Android New that appeared during the last week, how can we talk about legacy apps got major updates and major.

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Bitcoin Price IQ

Become the digital currency talk of the hour after skyrocketing in value, with increasing interest in it would be useful to have tools to help track their value and compare it with other currencies, which is provided by the application Bitcoin Price IQ that works on tracking the value of digital currencies in real time, with the provision of other information such as plans changed value and the latest news and tweets related to it. The app is free and requires that the Android version 4.0.3 and above.

Link to apply Bitcoin Price IQ on the Play Store



Portfolio of news but with a different idea, where instead of providing a place is through it all the news and articles from varied sources, the application provides Nwsty a way to view the most important news for the user each morning, where the application to identify the most important 6 – 10 news for the user depending on the algorithms of artificial, and then he shows him the form of a summary of every morning. The app gives access to articles, news, full of sources, in addition to share on social networks. The app is free and requires to be Android version 4.1 and above.

Link application Nwsty on the Play Store



One of the new applications that provide establishment of a network connection virtual VPN, with the tend app is free and there is a limit to a maximum size of the Exchange data is possible, in addition to being free of ad-ons. Requires the app to be Android version 4.4 and above.

Link application ProtonVPN on the Play Store


Calendar Counter

Forget too often how much time you spend in an event, this is what leads to conflicts at times with other things that we want done, this the problem is what he’s trying to apply a Calendar Counter resolved, it performs a scan of the introduction on your smartphone, and then creates the tags for different activities (work, sport, visit friends, cinema, entertainment, etc.) and determine the time spent for each activity from various activities. The goal is to help organize time better. The app is free and requires to be Android version 4.1 and above.

Association application Calendar Counter on the Play Store



The application of new fun for fans of customization is unique, as it lets you Mapapers modify image maps to be able to create custom themes and enjoys without their consensus with the phone screen no matter what its dimensions. The app is not free and requires to be Android version 4.2 and above.

Link application Mapapers on the Play Store


The Google Duo

Google Duo

Google has launched a new update to apply the Visual Communication own Duo, where users will be able to now make calls with friends even if they don’t have the application to Duo. Full details of the event on our website: click here.

Link the Google Duo on the Play Store


Microsoft Edge

Got browser edge your make Microsoft the new update adds integration with the characteristic icons of recurrent Adaptive Icons your by Android 8.0 oreo. Recall that the browser has managed to get good popularity on Android phones after its launch shortly. Full details of the event on our website: click here.

Link Microsoft Edge app on the Play Store

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