Best Android Games 2018

Depends Android of the best systems that dominate the smart phone market and because of its tremendous ability to run as large of software applications that everybody needs, and no ability to run an infinite number of games of various kinds, and that’s why we will talk in this article about the Best Android Games for 2018 .
  • Game Dream League Soccer

A soccer game depends on the basis of which to build your dream team of players average performance and training, and Game 6 sections, the first section of which allows academic, and then climb from the player to the second section and then the third and even up in the end to the elite division through the implementation of what you are asking the game in every department, to become his team after the best team on the face of the earth.
And game Dream League Soccer of the Best Android Games 2018 sports in Italy, Belgium and Turkey, enabling them to design attractive and its reality in the game of football , as it gives the player the possibility of playing in four different tournaments.

Dream League Soccer 2018 (Free+, Google Play) →

3 games going to inevitably be in 2018 !

  • Game Crashland

It is a truck that is out on an intergalactic journey, and then landing the truck on a strange planet, in which players build a base to save the world from the plots that the Alliance against the land of the planet.
You think the game Crashlandمن the best android games that came in the 2018, it contains many properties of a property development of weapons, and the development of the personality of the player as well as provide the capacity to continue to build the base and the ability to develop them.

Crashlands ($3.99, Google Play) →

  • Game Fighting Tiger

Is game Fighting Tiger of the Best Android Games 2018 combat, while the player chooses the character I wish to play them to face many, many enemies by moving between the levels of the game attractive from one level to a higher level until you reach the end of the game .
  • Through the link the following
  • Hearthstone

Hearthstone of magic games which are similar in their content Pokemon game , in which players build a card enters in different battles with many other players is by throwing the cards or stones, enchanted or summoned minions to win the battle , and the winner in that battle you won a lot of awards .
Considers the Hearthstone of the Best Android Games 2018 because it allows the possibility of connecting the player to the game on his phone and computer and share the toys between them .

Hearthstone (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Game Pokemon Go

It is a kind of gaming realism enhanced, designed specifically for mobile phones, and game can the player capture and train and fight a group of virtual objects which are called open, which is free but supports purchases within the application.
And is game Pokemon Go Best Android Games 2018, where they have raised controversy in the period, show the Pokemon on the screen of mobile phones like that already exist in the real world to enjoy the player to duel, realistic high quality .

Pokémon GO (Free+, Google Play) →

Games light size for Android and iPhone. entertaining and fun !

  • Game The Room series

The longer the game The Room series of games the most fun and exciting, where it is a consecutive series of puzzles that become increasingly difficult with the passage of time through the rooms that spin the events, where you start in a room containing a group of mysterious objects and puzzles required the player to escape them by finding those mysterious objects and solve the puzzle.
Game is considered The Room series of games for Android is possible from many of the games in the same category because the way to win and competitors by only rely on solving puzzles, the player wins more whenever he got the ways and means to help deliver the fastest.

The Room Of The Three ($3.99, Google Play) →

  • Game Bladelords – the fighting game

It is a kind of combat games is fierce, where the player can choose between 16 fighter to play him in a three-dimensional image, and allows the player to use the many weapons in his game as it give the ability to increase the capacity of those weapons to which makes it improves the performance of Weaver, and is considered one of the Best Android Games 2018.

Bladelords – the fighting game (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

It is a kind of horror games, which is a paid game the price up to 2,99 USD, and the events of the game where you find yourself in a familiar position as the Guardian of security, you must control a group of robots possessed of the form of the brides which takes us to the terrifying .
And the game “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location ” of the Best Android Games 2018 because they feature high quality sound and sound effects make you feel like you’re really in the game, and that the duration of solving the puzzle is five nights only.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: SL ($2.99, Google Play) →

  • Game Geometry Dash World

A free game is a small box All You have to do is jumper it to the end by jumping and avoiding the obstacles that you will encounter, and the game on the soundtrack and the colors of the Witch will make you enjoy playing them, and considered the game ” Geometry Dash World ” of the Best Android Games 2018 because by the property of training which allows you to understand the game and assist in game mode, and also give the player many of the tasks that must be carried out by even the climb from level to level more difficult.

Geometry Dash World (Free, Google Play) →

A new application to download applications and games, paid the price of too large for free – the application you need already !

  • Game Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever

A game free of the kinds of games that depend on the delivery medium, which is a collection of mini-games varied, including the game cut the food and fishing game and other mini games fun and funny, and the game ” Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever of the best android games of 2018, which features the music of innovative and carefully designed to allow you to enjoy playing like you’re really in the game.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Game Ookujira

It is kind of entertaining games a free game but it has the possibility to purchase within their application where possible to the player to purchase many incredible privilege, and the events of the game in that its hero houthi great mission saving the planet from an alien invasion because the technology alone cannot eliminate them, and use nature and objects, and thus the task of the player is smashing the buildings and protect the Earth from aliens .
Game is considered ” Ookujira ” of the best games of Andre 2018 fun and exciting because they allow players playing in two different ways, as it is characterized by easily controlled, along with the picture and sound effects designed carefully fantastic, as well as featuring game animation with attractive colors specially designed in order to attract you to it.

Ookujira – Giant Whale Rampage (Free+, Google Play) →

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Best Android Games 2018

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