Best app for iPhone (October 2018)

Over the past month, many of the possible applications at the App Store this was the best:

1) Enlight Pixaloop

Create image animated GIF from a set of static images with motion effects, you can select the animation in the image to show the other regions is fixed, and the implementation of effects and filters to different images of the animation.

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2) Focus – Speed Reading

The application focuses on enabling the user to read quickly, includes integrated web browser, when you visit an online you can view each line individually so easy for you to read it without buying.

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3) PlanKit

Thanks to augmented reality, you can this app Measure the distance of the whole house to create a diagram of the accurate for each floor.

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4) Polarr Deep Crop

Take a photo of your drawing on a system of artificial intelligence to learn from millions of professional designers gives you examples of how the “story” of the picture professionally.

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5) Spend: Easy Automatic Expenses

The application of the new Microsoft with regard to your expenses automatically, and their classification and control: to know more details about the app.

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6) Bookmate: Read. Listen. Enjoy

The library includes a wide assortment of audio books free available 12 languages.

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