Best apps 2019 to watch all the soap operas

A feature of the holy month of Ramadan, like it or not, are soap operas and drama associated with the days of the month of fasting since six characters of the last century, where it starts the conflict and competition between production companies to book space on television channels and TV shows that we can no longer confine its preparation. Lecce with viewing access follow the series which is worth to kill some of the time.

So many apps all over the app stores specialized in the presentation of this large quantity of serials together in one place for what’s best for her, what distinguishes those applications it’s include Mini you of those ads which has become something disgusting. increase the period for the duration of the serial itself in many of the channel that owns the broadcast rights.

With this class of applications won’t waste time watching commercials, we will review here the best of those applications on the platforms Android and iOS operating.


Application WatanFlix includes hundreds of soap operas, business, dramatic quality of the different display and high precision.

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Z5 Weyyak Wei you

We had talked about this a featured app, and new here. it includes a list of those serials modern.

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DCN Digital

Largest library of digital video in the Middle East, local media and my. Provide a unique experience for the Arab audience to enjoy watching all you like for free, through a bouquet of digital services are diverse and high quality ..
Through this app you can enjoy the services of live broadcasts, video-on-demand and “its father” the first of its kind.

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The application is not new, but updated the latest TV shows, serials and programs of Arab and foreign, and many others.

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Watch iT

Application viewing number 1 in Ramadan 2019 and open the application this year despite the fact that his services are paid and not free ( 7 Days Free) where similar to what he’s saying with those provided by the application Netflix famous.

Vary the value of the subscription from monthly to 99 EGP / 555 £ half-yearly subscription / 999 pounds annual subscription. The app is in anyway not something to lie about, close for Android phones.

Download for Android phones

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