Best apps and games for your Android smartphone

The number of apps and games on the vast service Google Play Store simply unquantifiable. And every day dozen of new programs. But among the mountains of digital garbage to find something suitable? Because the recommendations of the store is far from ideal. You can just regularly to rummage through the tons of apps hoping to find something worthwhile. And you can see our selection, to spend time in the shuffle.

To date, Netflix is perhaps one of the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows. Extensive library services and the ability to see the whole series at once on the day of release is not the only plus. Recently on Netflix, almost all projects are immediately translated into Russian language. And for fans of the original voice acting is the ability to enable subtitles. If you have not used this service, it is recommended to start. Moreover, for beginners there is a free trial period of use.

Previously known as Google Keep, this is one of the best apps for taking notes. In addition to the beautiful “Gorlovskogo” interface, the app is quite simple to use. All the notes will automatically sync to your Google account and you’ll have access to them as with any other device, and when using the web version.

One of the best keyboards for Android. Apart from the function of “self-learning” auto-correction, Gboard right in the keyboard interface allows you to search on the Internet, supports a variety of themes and integration with Google Assistant, has an extensive set of stickers and animated “gifs” and a bunch of useful features.

One of the best applications to install custom Wallpaper. In addition to the existing extensive collection of high-quality painted “backs”, the program offers access to a daily updated collection that consists of scenic photos and drawings made by professional artists.

Even at the time of release on personal computers, PUBG gathered a huge army of fans, which greatly expanded with the release of the mobile version. This game is in the genre of battle royale has become one of the most popular multiplayer products in history. If you are fond of mobile games, then try PUBG is definitely worth it. Especially because it’s free.

Nowadays privacy on the Internet — it is virtually a necessity, given the number of hackers and scammers who aim to steal your personal information. Turbo VPN is one of the best free VPN applications available in the Google Play store. In addition, it is also very easy to use.

Reading is a very useful exercise. But most of us just don’t have enough time to devote to his books. Audible solves this problem, giving you access to a very extensive database of audiobooks. But if you subscribe, once a month will be able to get one book from the collection in perpetuity.

If you frequently publish articles in the history of Instagram, the app Story Maker will become your favorite. The app allows you to create stunning layouts from your photos before posting them to Instagram. While stories are very beautiful.

If all these programs are demanded from you in varying degrees of concentration or mental effort, even when working, the Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds to help you relax. Huge library of relaxing sounds will give you the opportunity to relax a bit and be alone with him.

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