Best apps for Apple TV home design

When you decide that the time has come to do something different in your living space, then you need to ideas. Whether you want to redesign a single room or re-design of the whole area, it is important to get inspiration for both the appearance and feeling of the elected.

Apple TV includes a bunch of applications to look for the right design home remodeling ideas. Here are the best apps available for this task.

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Best apps for Apple TV product design and re-arrange them


تطبيقات Apple TV لتصميم المنازل

Submit this app to Apple TV a collection of great pictures and videos to inspire you with the determination you need. You can view the photos by room or style or color or other options. The app also includes videos of projects ready to design homes واللاندسكيب.

In addition you will find the application of some concepts and the wonderful that can help in the re-design or re-arrangement of the home.

App available on: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and the web


تطبيقات Apple TV لتصميم المنازل

Application needs HomeChannel for your Apple TV for presentations and video clips to watch the design of your new home. Check out the sections on Design, Decoration, and installation of the product, or search for something specific interior or decoration.

App available on: Apple TV

The Design Network

تطبيقات Apple TV لتصميم المنازل

This app is another option useful, as it gives you video clips of many of the draft design of the indoor and outdoor rooms, kids rooms, small spaces, bathrooms, and more.

The app lets you sign up for on the feature to save content to watch you over and over again.

App available on: iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and the web

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