Best apps for cyclists

Today, Cycling is becoming more popular. By bike you can move around the city, go on nature, to go to the store to organize a bike ride with friends and so on. But in the digital age for cyclists in the space of the store Google Play there are many apps designed to simplify life and help in difficult situation. And the best of them we’ll talk with you today.

To diversify the trip by bike with the help of applications

The contents

Zwift — the Search for new routes

Zwift is designed, according to the authors of the application, with the participation of the best experts in organising led walks. The app combines the easy tracker, a speedometer, a map with many routes and the ability to make his own. But the main point is that there is an option for “virtual trip” to these routes. Quite an interesting solution. By the way, the virtual race, you can invite your friends.

Download: Zwift

MapMyRide — For those who are watching them

This is another app to make travel arrangements. Here also, as in the previous program the possibility to create routes and find new ones. The application memory, there are lots already laid initially so that you can choose a route that you like. Yet there is a speedometer, tracker for accounting for distance traveled and so on. But the main “highlight” of the app is that in addition MapMyRide is an app that will allow you to follow the diet and weight. So if you decided to lose a few pounds with the help of Cycling, then look at MapMyRide. How often do you ride a Bicycle? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: MapMyRide

Cyclemeter is a Real bike computer

Cyclemeter turns your smartphone into full featured Cycling computer. In addition to the above options available from competitors (with the exception of the organization of the races and counting calories), Cyclemeter allows you to track detailed statistics for all your travel or any concrete reason to improve their performance. The program has a tight integration with all kinds of smart bracelets and watches to collect data, as well as the opportunity to share the results on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Download: Cyclemeter

The bike repair — Professional repair the “iron horse”

Sometimes, unfortunately, it happens that a bike breaks down. And well, if there is a workshop. But what if its not? In this case, you will help the appropriate application to repair your vehicle. The program has instructions for installation, repair and replacement of all components of the bike, so repair your vehicle, you can in a jiffy.

Download: Repair Bicycle

First aid In case of emergencies

We sincerely hope that you never need this app. However, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. When traveling on any mode of transport (especially the city) you need to be ready for anything. Including to the fact that you have to apply the skills of first aid. It is for this and developed this program. Simple and straightforward instructions it’s possible to save the life of you or another person. So it is useful to have software like this at hand. So, just in case.

Download: First aid

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