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Meditation has many positive aspects. It allows you to calm down, relieve tension and concentrate on the upcoming cases. Or Vice versa, to relax after a hard day. But for meditation you need a “special atmosphere”. And create it will help applications designed specifically to meditation was the most correct and productive. Well, we have selected for you are the best apps for meditation, which will now describe.

Meditation has become increasingly popular

The contents

Headspace. Collection of programs for meditation

Headspace is one of the first that appeared on Androiddevices, applications for meditation. Headspace has quite a nice and intuitive user interface. The Headspace app includes a variety of meditation courses on a variety of topics such as personal growth, work and productivity, stress and anxiety and so on. The only catch is that almost all courses require a premium subscription. With only a few resources are free, but for review this is enough.

Download: Headspace

Calm. Peace and only peace

Calm offers a huge collection of sounds and audio recordings to create a relaxing atmosphere and meditation. In addition to educational video tutorials and courses there is also a special section for children that contains several modes for creating a relaxing atmosphere before bed, and some lullabies. And even before going to sleep, you can read interesting news from the world of mobile technology. For example, in our news channel in the Telegram.

Download: Calm

Simple Habit. Meditation anywhere

Simple Habit is probably the best app for meditation if you have little free time. Select the session, program, and set the time 5, 10 or 20 minutes. All the rest of the app does it for you. In addition, there is the timer to play soothing bedtime music. But the most important advantage, in our view, is that the app is absolutely free and for a surcharge offers functions, without which it is possible to do.

Download: Simple Habit

Insight Timer. Social network for meditation

Insight Timer is one of the best free apps for meditation 2019 due to its extensive collection of free meditation sessions. There is also a community where you can see what programs of meditation the most popular app at the moment. You can also add friends and track their progress. The paid version includes additional courses and programs, as well as the dark theme, which is very strange. Since most developers don’t take money for this.

Download: Insight Timer

Meditation & Relaxation. Guide to systems of mediation

This app for meditation has several programs and thematic sections, but this can and other discussed applications. Meditation & Relaxation offers more than just courses and programs, but also a very detailed description of each of these, very useful if you are just beginning to comprehend this art. One of the main problems of this application lies in the fact that 90% of the content requires a paid subscription. But the remaining 10% will be enough to get involved and understand what meditation is and whether it is necessary to you at all.

Download: Meditation & Relaxation

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