Best apps for the month of December 2018

أفضل تطبيقات لشهر ديسمبر 2018

We will share with you today inshallah for a new set of exciting apps, especially Android phones .

Application Notify Stickers

Once you get a message on WhatsApp you have an emoticon, it will appear on the screen are all, of course, in order to use this feature we this app that makes emotions appear beautifully on the screen of the phone you can activate icons or emoticons that you want to show just by feature deactivation or operating .

Notify Stickers

Application Designer tools

This is an awesome app where you can use it to add images to the background and these images appear on the background of WhatsApp, on Facebook and on all your apps how you were even when you open Google Chrome the image appears in the background, to take advantage of this feature we turn to the mockup overlay and do this the property directly after opening the app and then choose the photo you would like added to lenzkap and image that image should be a portrait and talking also in the sharpness of the image .

Designer tools

Application Recorder 4 in 1

Through this application you can take advantage of the four benefits in one application on your Android phone, where you can record incoming or outgoing calls on your phone in a very easy way and with one mouse click, also you can record voice recorder record your voice, of course, from the phone’s microphone or record the screen recorder you can record your phone’s screen.

The beauty of it is that you can also take advantage of the feature for the video recorder with just one can record a video without even opening the camera application, access to all your records, click on the icon folder, that’s why I thought of the best applications that you can install on your smart phone and will be very useful .

Recorder 4 in 1

The application of CPL Launcher

Is the car your phones Google, the Google Pixel rate and a developer of many developers and programmers to give you this car and this is the fact very fascinating, through the app you can get for Icon pack you can add icons of your own, for example if you use Samsung phones or the phones LG or Sony and I wanted to get the icons of those phones you can install it on this car.

Of course the fact well-known interface of the Google Pixel you can drag to the top to get to the apps and get the advantage of Gesture through which you can customize the interface if you pull from the bottom, if you pull from the top and many of the nurses also can you get the feature Notification dots so that you can get to the point in the icon of icons, that get notifications .

CPL Launcher

Best apps for the month of December 2018

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