Best apps for voice calls and video calls without blocking

Download the best software for video calls and photos free for mobile

Apps have become free voice and video calls are many and the competition between them is fierce situation of the world for such applications and report personal expenses as much as possible so enables you to apply video and audio 2018 and video calls free make contact with any person from anywhere in the world and at any time , only need to connect to the internet without facing the problem of blocked Apps free calls as happens in some Arab States , and have been fired during the last period a lot of the programs for voice calls and video mobile phone , Here we offer to you from the site how technical are thepreferred programs calls and free Android and iPhone 2018 one of the most important applications in terms of sound quality and the picture and video and the ease of application ,also the best programs video calls free or in size which do not occupy a wide space or its design, which attracts users to download it on the mobile phone and its adoption in the contact area .

We have chosen you in this article Best Software and most downloaded for use in social networking and chat free and free calls and video calls in high quality , lostdiet the best contact apps and video free 2018 for iPhone and Android , each person chooses a program or app that finds the best, and fits his criteria and his first priority and approved by the To connect to and communicate p parents and friends , and we talked earlier about this point in the thread about the most important 4 things you have to understand them and find them in the app or the program that you want to adopt it for voice calls and video free .


The app first :


Program oovoo oovoo software for video calls free for PC and mobile ,when you download the program oovoo oovoo 2017 you can talk with several people at one time voice and image , the program is very famous in the field of voice conversations and video and a strong Competitor for many of the famous programs in the characteristic of video call and other social networking programs . You can talk through ooVoo with 6 people at one time .

Submit application oovoo calls free a lot of the nurses and services that make it ranked first in the rating of the best application of the voice calls and video , and the most important of these features is that the app is secure communication and consultation recently, in order to prevent those who made it to see the messages and chat of users , and the app is completely free , and like any other chat application you can add friends and look for them and get recommendations to add more of them to the contacts you have, Add to chat written and audio and also support the stickers and emoji to express the best of feelings and reactions , The Office provides information that combines audio and video, where supported by years ago and now their quality is at the top and call slow also , as it’s not occupying space it is the application of small and light size , you can download it on all types of devices and organize different operating .

تحميل تطبيق ovooo
Download application ovooo

Download ooVoo

The second app :

The application of Glide

Program glide Glide to do most video free on Android and iPhone free and easy , where he received this application 2017 Glide to impress millions of users , and is one of the best chat apps and free calls on a mobile phone , which provides you the feature of video chat you can communicate to your friends through the camera of your phone mobile , the program offers glide has many features like easy to use interface dominated by simplicity in the foundation which allows you to add friends to face contact easily and also chat with them through the exchange of pictures and you can text chat with them ,

Program works on the Glide all types of networks Airways including Wi-Fi and networks of the third and fourth generation, and can you send pictures captured from within the app and share them at the same moment, as add effects to them before their participation on the service at the same time you will receive photos of friends and for the record the contents in this case is not stored on your phone but on the company’s servers to avoid the problem of the consumption of storage space available in the user’s phone and this is a positive point.

By clicking on the blue circle to start the video in the registry and of course you have to turn the front camera of the device after the recording is finished click on finish and watch the video.

And of course there are many effects and filters are available to you for added on the video before watching it and you can send videos that were recorded in advance through imaging apps videos and add effects. you can also send existing photos in the library.

تنزيل برنامج جلايد glide
Software download glide glide


Download program glide Glide

The second app :

The application of torque

The application of torque to hold voice calls and video , program audio and video calls free from anywhere in the world , became the application of torque of the most famous chat applications and conversation on iPhone and Android , used by millions of people and raises the quality of application and quality of the services that it provides in terms of sound and video and the response , now you can download the program JusTalk free for iPhone and Android , offers a lot of high quality services , to attract users to download a program JusTalk .

The beginning is not the app offers text chat, or groups of texts, it focuses on the content visual and Audio for the messages here are sound and visible at the time of the actual event, great, we will explore them one after the other.

One of the most important features of the app the call quality, images that are broadcast and shared in the app are high quality, and you can When you chat extra visual effects, posters, and the various elements that make live chat even more fun.

The application supports JusTalk games when you video chat and also the effects of many add you and adds them also with the unfolding without affecting the call quality.

It also supports group video calls and surprise that there is no limit to the number who are able to join as the company will also affect the quality of communication, the same it also calls the picture where many people can participate and talk and debate and that’s great for fans of texting and video chat apps and want to direct meetings.

Also the application supports the feature of moments which enables you to record short videos and share them with friends in the app with the possibility to add effects on them as is the case in suitable applications such as snapchat.

The program JusTalk particularly high which prevents its users, it has a simply to use , you can download it on all types of devices easily .

تطبيق justtalk للمكالمات المجانية
Application justtalk for free calls

Download app JusTalk

Fourth app :

Application Skype

Skype is one of the most popular Internet communications software, a widely prevalent and easiest to use at the same time, in addition to a multiplicity of choices and allow communication between the computer and another and between phone and try or vice versa as well as between phones where you can make a voice call or a video with more than a friend on Skype and sharing files, images and links all this facilitates the process of communication between people from friends and family and co-workers also provides time and distance are completely free
With Skype, you can share a story, celebrate a birthday, learn a language, hold a meeting, work with colleagues .

You have to download the program Skype on your mobile phone and take advantage of its features and text conversations, voice calls, and video and many of the possible services provided by Skype on a mobile phone , and then download the app on your phone the program Skype, you can login directly if you have a previous account on Skype by name Skype Your and password for your account .

تنزيل تطبيق سكايب
Download the Skype application

Download the program Skype

App-V :

Application Viber Viber

The application Viber of months and fulfill the applications the call and the chat that depends by millions of users as a means necessary to connect to others and make voice calls with high quality .

And the app is completely free which allows users to communicate with friends easily , and also meet new people , build relations and promotion ,and its use in entertainment and acquaintance and communication with the family and also to communicate at work.

The application comes with any new API , compared to most chat apps that can be played as just copy paste, but of course the Color purple and the background of the chat box gray gives to the luster and distinction from rivals .

In general, it is easy to use , and does not require explanations to grasp the handle, it supports many languages including the Arabic language.

The app offers a feature chat text , and also send stickers that you can download more of them from the library , thus promoting the posters you have available to express how you feel, not to mention also about emoji a lot available in the app .

And through the conversation text of the initiative, you can send photos, videos and audio Registered and also attachments such as documents and various files that can be exchanged in the app easily.

The too high rate of security and automatic encryption of the talks , the easily and response speed when sending files and messages .

تحميل تطبيق فايبر
Download Viber application

Download Viber application Viber

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