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Maybe everybody knows the default methods provided by the smartphone that is running Android which varies by phone manufacturer where each company adjusted to the special way in which it is provided to take screenshoot or image of the company. If you want additional ways using separate apps provide you with a number of additional features here are in this article best tools that will help you on that.

AZ Screen Recorder

أفضل تطبيقات السكرينشوت على أندرويد

If you are exporting video recordings to the police and to the application to take screenshoot or image of the company, there are a number of apps to record screen video including applications AZ Screen Recorder which we consider to be of the best apps that do the job.

Whether you take a photo or video, maybe the most important feature of this app is that it offers you its features without restriction, which means it does not contain ads and puts watermarks and refrain from the nurses to push you to buy full version. In addition to all this the app contains a simple tool to download the video if you want this feature.

Screenshot Touch

أفضل تطبيقات السكرينشوت على أندرويد

If what you’re looking for is a powerful tool to take the image of the company, here’s this app possible. The app icon fixed on screen you can touch to be the fastest way to take the image of the Company if I wanted it which makes it a suitable tool specifically for those who work requires taking the image of the company. The app also offers a number of additional features including a tool to cut images tool to capture long images that do not nine of the screen which is called the Scroll tool dedicated for taking photos for web pages in addition to the possibility of filming videos.

The application provides a number of other ways to take screen images, including the please phone and a number of other ways. The app is free but not paid version which removes the ads present in the free version with the addition of a number of nurses does not prevent the want to pay a few dollars.

Assistants artificial intelligence

أفضل تطبيقات السكرينشوت على أندرويد

Most of the assistants artificial intelligence supports to take a photo of the police as internal including assistant Google Assistant or assistant of Google is located in a large number of phones and also assistant Samsung that carries the name Bixby, activate this feature you should activate the assistant artificial intelligence first by pressing the Home button or the button Bixby in case your phone is one of phones Samsung then you have to ask the assistant of artificial intelligence to take the image of the company to take it away for you with ease. This method would probably be practical for you if kitteh used to aide the artificial intelligence only.

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