Best apps to control the consumption of internet pack for cell phones

A lot of depends on the internet packages offered by telecom companies, and because some of the applications and services running in the background all day, has surprised some of us run out of internet pack in overnight.

To reduce the effects of the problem are advised to use apps Lite (which is a watered-down version of apps like Facebook Lite), which consume less amount of internet data when you browse it, you cancel cloud sync from the settings of the phone, and finally you can see the selected apps are watching internet consumption and help you reduce it.



A simple design is easy to use, you can this application to prohibit the use of any application data of the phone and thus avoid its work in the background and function of the sync if you do. The app presents what you consume in real-time for the entire application and for each application separately.

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Which is the application of Google Ad-Hoc to monitor the consumption data, with sleek design and shows you graphs of the rate of consumption, you can customize the bedtime reduce the consumption of the internet, there is a big button in the interface to turn off data consumption in the background, and you can set a limit for daily use so that the connection is broken automatically after the overtake.

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Submit the two applications ex, for the data connection, Wi-Fi, but it contains purchases.

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My Data Manager – Track Usage

Watching data consumption, Wi-Fi, you can put a limit so that should be when he arrived and you can monitor the consumption of many devices installed with the app.

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DataFlow – Data Manager

Know you consumption data in real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, claims hours of the Apple, and the speed of your Internet.

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