Best apps to edit photos and add motion to it

Is it possible for still images to move? And here is compilation of pictures and set up a Slide Show , that freedom in its broadest sense, which leads to move one of the elements of the single image.
You applications in the field of moving images.

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1 – Zeotropic

Practical application and easy to use you can move the part of the image called like with hold on to your image such as fixed targets, add slow motion and the assembly, and after run the app and choose the image from the image folder. Select the part you want to make it as enthusiastic as the place of freedom and direction after calibration what you move it you’ll see some details that need to be adjusted.

Can come back here and repair and modification of such defects down to what you want, the app contains tools for editing images such as zoom and the stories and the other with the possibility to save it on the format of the video and watch it directly on your accounts on networking sites.
The app supports adding music is available for download on the platforms Android and IOS.

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2 – StoryZ Photo Motion

The application of distinctive also to add a touch of the cinematic to your photos by moving the stationary parts of the picture.
After selecting the image add the movement points by determining the place of arrows, arrow head here determines the direction of motion, then swipe your finger on the points of freedom, a similar app idea to investigate the former with some differences, it’s nice that it allows you to see the image as a file format to GIF and share them on your accounts.
The app is available for Android and IOS.

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3 – Vimage

The application is similar to its antecedents, but its features simply to use and offers you the icons and GIFs ready to use it and even replaced a portion of the image, for example if I wanted to replace the face of the cup of Nescafe in the last excited to get this and other representative of the assembly, all you need to is search and review a library of animated images, the app is available on Android and IOS .

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VIMAGE Android


4 – Loopsie

Additional feature in this app is the possibility to import video from your phone and install the part of the video and the other part remain enthusiastic, you have to choose the video from your phone of something moving ,spraying water, for example, and then select the part that you want to install like the background and the rest of the video moves with the possibility of watching a video clip on your accounts.
The app is available on IOS and Android and there is a version of the professional full options paid .

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5 – Movepic

I can’t this app load your photo or part of it allows you to add objects moving on the image or even fixed like a butterfly fly over the sea or snow falling on you and you’re in the picture, but I don’t take pictures in the desert then you add the effects of snow means make service nonwoven without games, can Here control the speed of motion and this feature is very practical if you want to be slow-moving or fast as car traffic and lighting at night.

The app is free on Android and IOS .

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