Best apps to maintain battery for Android 2020

Many suffer from the problem of drain applications the battery which causes the end of the rapid and constantly. Where that problem is most prominent defects of the modern devices shows Glenn in phones with small batteries now with phones with batteries giant rarely occur this problem. Share with website visitors a cart costs valued customers the best Android apps specialized in the preservation of the battery and prolonging its life and reducing operations and shipping.

A lot of the problems that cause the end of charging the battery quickly, the first of which may be a problem in the battery for this we need to make sure it is properly first this problem is fundamental in phones long-lived or phones that consume so much where it is shipped over and over again. The second problem is that a lot of apps running in the background, as well as the different services that remain running without your knowledge which are in the drain the battery very quickly. It is through the applications that we offer you in our article that you will be able to eliminate this problem and you will notice a big difference and prolong the life of the battery clearly.

1) the application Greenify

تطبيق Greenify

The application Greenify is one of the most specialized applications in prolonging the battery life reached download the app more than 10 million process download and install on different mobile phones and tablet running Android. As he got on the assessment of the very high opinions many positive on the Google Play Store to show its effectiveness and efficiency in extending battery life. Thus, he deserves to be ranked initial among the list of best apps to preserve the battery.

The beginning of the app features as small in size and very light in terms of performance and therefore does not consume any resources of your device to the bin or mobile phone. The app is available since several years so he understands the mechanism to maintain your battery thoroughly and implement strictly clear. The app features the fact that it works on phones that have root as well as which are not available on the root but in the case you have root, you will get a functions more powerful and will be able to maintain the battery life significantly.

The app says to close all services and applications running in the background which works to speed up your phone and extend your battery life and you can note that from the very initial, it also deletes temporary files and trash to be able to speed up the phone completely while preserving the battery for as long as possible. As for its interface is easy to use completely comes with a contemporary design. But it unfortunately does not support Arabic language but in English, here are links to download it:

Download app Greenify latest version – google play Store

Download app Greenify version (4.7.5) APK file – direct link

2) the application GSam Battery Monitor

تطبيق GSam Battery Monitor

If you are looking for a specialized application completely in the process of maintaining the battery dramatically and you can customize it how you wish and cook on both small and large in your phone the application GSam Battery Monitor is your right choice.

The app features it lengthens the battery life considerably, as he got over a million download install provide 70,000 users and received a 4.4 star out of 5 stars, highlighting its effectiveness and its power in maintaining the battery. The app features one of his modern ones are available a lot of tools and options that will show you accurate statistics on your phone.

Through it you can find out more applications consuming the battery, it also shows you the services running in the background, next to this shows you how long have those apps running. And a lot of other things, really will enable the program to maintain the battery and prolong life significantly, here are the highlights of its features:

  • He has the ability to close all apps and services running in the background to compulsory
  • Lets you see the stats of the battery and the remaining time accurately until the expiration of the shipping tape across the top
  • The possibility to speed up the phone by pressing the app icon from the Home screen only
  • Provides you with the statistic how to use the app as taken from the battery
  • See the details of the processor CPU as well as the use of sensors
  • Possibility to customize the see the statistics in the given time only
  • The possibility of sending alerts upon the occurrence of a change in the statistics of the Battery, Temperature, the remaining capacity in the battery

Of course depends GSam Battery Monitor to the coolest applications of all time specialized in the science of maintaining the battery, hurried now downloaded about to receive the life of your battery.

Download application GSam Battery Monitor latest version – Google Play Store

Download application GSam Battery Monitor version (3.40) APk file – direct link

3) application of the Servicely

تطبيق Servicely

If you are looking for the best new applications specialized in the process of extending the battery life, the application of Servicely is appropriate for you at all, the app features the fact that recently the only difference in that is available on the App Store a few years ago almost two or three years, but with that recently, especially after the last update managed to climb to the summit to be one of the best specialized applications in the process of lengthening the battery life.

I got the application Servicely a lot of positive ratings on the Google Play Store, the app features being light, and use it to string and very easy, does not require of you any experience in using it, just all you need to do is access the app and then click Start to immediately begin the implementation of his orders so you can prolong the life of your battery.

From the name of the app Servicely he is saying stop all of services running in the background which is difficult for a lot of apps to close them, perhaps the most prominent of those services is Google Play services that has plagued everyone which remain running in the background, but if I tried to close it manually you’re gonna get TV no, on the contrary, the program Servicely be able to shut it down but without causing any problems, where you can open the Google Play app and do it again without facing any issues.

It takes the knowledge that the application does not support only the English language, it also requires to install root on your mobile phone so you can use it

Here are links to download the latest version directly from within the Google Play Store, or even another version of a direct link to the body file APK:

Download the application to Servicely the latest version – the Google Play Store

Download application Servicely version (8.1.2) APK file – direct link

4) application DU Battery Saver

تطبيق DU Battery Saver

In conclusion to the list today we share with you the most apps among everyone in the process of prolonging battery life and maintaining them, namely the application of DU Battery Saver app features the ability effectively to prolong the battery life since it comes codes completely clean, as it comes to the design and the very trendy and is compatible with all versions of Android ancient and modern as well.

The app works without the need to Root at all, as it can speed up the phone and prolong the life of the battery through the closed applications and services running in the background which causes battery drain as quickly as they slow down the phone. Also, the app is available on the tool “Ram Cleaner” and the tool is accelerating “RAM” or “RAM” for your phone via the discharged from the interim operations, which no longer need them.

As the app says to delete the files trash and resolves a lot of problems of your phone namely the biggest problem, namely the problem of Lag that cause the slow games and make the phone to be sluggish and happens to cut of in games heavily, if you suffer from this problem using this app should take care of that problem immediately.

Download app DU Battery Saver latest version – Google Play Store

Download app DU Battery saver version (1.0) APK file – direct link

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