Best apps to video playback on Android (2019)

Maybe you don’t care about lots of player videos on his phone, but third-party apps that we highlighted here can greatly improve the usability experience on Android devices.

Gained the reputation of the program allotted to the match, they focus on phones and tablet support gestures drag moving from time to time the video and in volume, supports all video formats, it can also be used to transfer files from the case to the phone via Wi-Fi connection, or broadcast to the TV screen.

The free app will be free forever, not included in purchases or any ads, in order to ensure the survival of his were also published, the developer code application source so that anyone can access.

Closely together VLC, the best option to run videos with a more sophisticated interface and gestures control, and also supports the vast majority of any videos, tool to download the upgrade, the tool to enhance photos. But living that includes ads, can buy some of the nurses.

Maybe not the quality or fame of the applications mentioned above, but it deserves a place in the list for the perks so much that it provides, perhaps the most notable is the possibility of broadcast content to TV Android that works phone or tablet as a controller, as well as to support playback videos from the external storage. Cleverly, read external storage, they subsequently organized a library of movies and series so it’s easy to search fast for her to enter their name, topic, or date version, as it supports playback of subtitle files and synchronize them. The app is available for free, but it includes ads, and purchase.

A favorite for anyone who loves to use the feature of multitasking, besides a lot of traditional jobs and the like that enjoy MX Player, the app features enable watching videos in a window of a range while using another application, so it’s recommended for those uses tablets or phones Galaxy Note.

Maybe the app is the most integrated, offers all the features of the app mentioned earlier, and adds to it like the default skin black and support all formats video and create code to protect videos and the videos in the background as an audio file, but some of its functions may be of lower quality.

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