Best apps Touch Pen for Android

The stylus is the idea almost died, but came back to life and became inspired by the mission over the past years. Is considered the Galaxy Note series from Samsung that has a Pen Touch supports S Pen is months phones that offer this feature and benefit from right now, and phones owned by millions now, after the achievement of peace a huge success every year, the latest of which was the success of the Note 8 which was released last September. In this article we give you a review of the best apps that will make you take maximum advantage of the S Pen or the stylus on Android.

Adobe applications

Apps like Photoshop Sketch وIllustrator Draw and are apps Adobe the famous the evolution of Photoshop وIllustrator وAfter Effects and other programs, and professional famous personal computers. These applications support the use of the stylus and the S Pen is specific and it is updated constantly and the performance is very good with support for private cloud storage with Adobe to facilitate your access files between your computer and your smart phone.

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