Best apps zip files on Android

A lot of times you find yourself you download the file format RAR or ZIP or one of the file formats CD-ROM and want to change quickly without transferring it to PC and unzip it and returned the phone, if your phone is Android there are many good options available to do the work. Not limited the app’s ability to unzip only, but supports a large number of other features. In this article we review the best of these apps from existing apps on the store Google Play.

B1 Archiver

أفضل تطبيقات الملفات المضغوطة على أندرويد

One of the outstanding applications to decode and compress files RAR and ZIP, but it also supports 37 formats in total, which makes it suitable when dealing with formula is not the same great fame. One of the features of the app is also support for multiple parts if you are looking for an application that supports this feature. The app features one with good stable performance, which is free on the store Google Play, but it contains advertisements, which of the possible concealed when you pay $ 1.99 to get the version-free of ads.

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