Best English learning apps for Android life

English has become in our era of the most important languages that should be on those who want to progress learn and mastery, and therefore everyone is seeking to all the means that help them to learn easily, and if you’re someone who can’t afford to join one of the specialized institutes to learn English you can learn it through your smart phone with ease wherever you are and in time you through some of the applications provided by the Android system life, and offer you in this article is the best English learning apps for Android life following.

  • The application Duolingo

It is considered the application Duolingo is one of the best English learning apps on your smartphone, whether it runs on the Android or on the system of the iPhone, it helps you to learn English writing skills and speaking and listening skills, all you have to do is download the app then create an account free, and then start the app directly to offer some words of English with the possibility to listen to pronunciation.

It offers you also the possibility to learn how to pronounce and write the English vocabulary in the domain that you want, just all you need is to click on the “MENU” button then select ” “Vocabulary to introduce you to the application list of the classifications related to the nature of English vocabulary cards, medical or sports or others, as it also gives you the possibility to learn more of another language, including “language, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish, and Irish”.

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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free (Free+, Google Play) →

Duolingo (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • Application Busuu

Considers the application of the Busuu language apps English rebel on your mobile phone because it offers you lessons spoken English with some exercises, it also shows you the way the correct pronunciation of words with the possibility of listening to it, as it takes care also of the rules of the English language “Grammar”, where it provides you the facility of examples that make it easy to understand and remember them later.

The application Busuu app is free but offers “premium membership” is a paid service help you to use some advanced features in the app, as it allows you to practise the pronunciation of the words which through the chant you pronounce it in front of the microwave and then tells you whether your pronunciation is not right or wrong, and also interactive talks help you learn how to use words and sentences that you have learned properly and how to employ them when you move.

It provides the application also some exercises that help you to train memory and increase the ability to figure out words and new vocabulary, as it helps you to learn many other languages including “German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese” and others.

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busuu: Learn Languages – Spanish, English & More (Free+, Google Play) →

Sprachen lernen mit busuu (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • Application Rosetta Stone

Application Rosetta Stone of Android apps life free to learn English and a lot of other languages which up to 25 languages, the app on several elements, namely, the “Language Training, Live Tutoring, Games&Activities, Foundations “.

The element of Language Training of three to five levels, depending on the language you want to learn through the application, divided this level into four units and each unit is divided into four basic lessons to learn through some new material, and there is Assessment with the end of each stage, as it also offers you the concentrated lessons which is about short tutorials focused on concepts and vocabulary that exist in each unit.

The element of Live Tutoring is an interactive sessions duration to 25 minutes, which turns school your new language with three of the learners, and on the user joining the session Studio new after completing the lesson the main third and fourth in each unit, and during that meeting you will review the trainer material that has been covered in Language Training.

As for the element Games & Activities it contains a range of games that you can play alone or with another partner, as it also offers you a range of stories that you can read it in the language of your new, and you to application also the opportunity to exercise the activity of conversation, reading, and grammar rules that have been in the Foundations on your computer also.

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Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak & Read New Languages (Free+, Google Play) →

Rosetta Stone: Sprachen lernen (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • The application of ABA English

Introduces the application of ABA English form of different to learn English through your mobile phone for free, it makes you learn to read and write and speak English through some of the short films that were designed specifically for this purpose, which reach more than 150 lesson is to explain English grammar in a fun way.

The app offers several levels there are in each level of a group of short films which is getting harder gradually by passing each level, and also allows you the possibility of the development of writing and hearing and the words and the English that use it.

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ABA English – Learn English (Free+, Google Play) →

ABA English – Englisch lernen (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • Application Voxy

A free application works with Android Lion has been designed primarily for beginners in learning English, and promote the application Voxy presenting the possibility of learning English and training to exercise it in a different way, where it presents the user feed news display news and articles from The Associated Press, which is divided in articles and news to pieces and a small component of 100 words commensurate with the level of the user in the language, and also added a set of links that allow the translation of phrases that are not known by the user.

The application provides also some words and phrases that fit with the whereabouts of the user, if the user for example in the grocery store says the app in some words and phrases that he can use in this place.

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Learn English – Voxy (Free+, Google Play) →

Voxy – Learn English (Free+App Store, App Store) →

  • App Babbel

With the application of Babbel you can learn English and 14 other languages and they are “French language, Spanish language, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, Danish, Polish, and Norwegian”, and each such language independent application, which contains many levels which start with learning words and simple sentences verbally and in writing and then move to difficult levels, which include all areas of life.

App Babbel app free features that offers a long series of interactive lessons about 13 different languages, as it works on the link between the recognition of words, utterances, which is suitable for beginners in learning the English language and also applicants.

One of the features of the application Babbel also said that with the pattern of the replay Review Manager, who works to establish the vocabulary that the user is the largest in memory.

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Babbel – Learn Languages (Free+, Google Play) →

Babbel – Sprachen lernen (Free+App Store, App Store) →

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Best English learning apps for Android life

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