Best features phones Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

A few minutes ago, was the conference Huawei is alive, which finally reunited the moment unlock my phone Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro after a very broad spectrum of leaks and rumors be the third phone this year after the Note 10 and iPhone 11.

Now go and take a look together about the most important features that came in the two phones is the new day and also the most important techniques and things that have been presented at the conference in Munich:

The screen is excellent with the abandonment of the volume buttons

Screens curved the parties in the phones dead had started with the phone Mate RS at the beginning of the year 2018 and since then, Huawei is distinct to it so that the screen has been used also in phones dead 20 Pro.

Huawei has stuck to this screen so that the dead 30 Pro has got to a new screen called Huawei بـHorizon Display a screen with measured 6.53 inches and come with the curvature 88 degrees and of course the screen of this Bend may have made the police have to stop the volume buttons but it’s a small sacrifice compared to all the screen which comes neatly 2400*1167 which is of course not the highest quality we can see them!

The battery in the dead 30 pro

The phone comes with a huge battery with a capacity of 4500mAh which supports the cargo capacity of 40 watts through a technical SuperCharge, along with 27 watts of wireless charging technology SuperWirelessCharge. Also phones New supports wireless charging reverse at a speed three times greater.

Support 5G in dead 30 pro

A dead phone 30 Pro will support 5G technology which in itself is factor excellent for the phone, also it is equal is one of the advanced systems in 5G so we probably will see excellent performance.

3D technology Face to the side of the fingerprint in the screen

The phone here has collected between facial recognition technology and fingerprint regular which is something we don’t see much these days. Dead 30 pro this year comes with the 3D technology Face Unlcok, which was introduced the previous year but improved to a large extent where it was the main reason for the sheet Big Top.

The phone also offers insight as mentioned before a feature ignored by the Apple in iPhone 11 and also Google in the pixels 4 here come the phone with a fingerprint Optical built-in screen and it will be faster than any earlier time.

Rear camera quad with two lenses accurately 40MP

Despite the proliferation of cameras with vertical shape or those with a square shape but that Huawei has taken this year a new form which is a giant camera round as above, only Pro of the phone will come with a key strictly 40 megapixel with lens f/1.6 while it will support the installation of the visual, together with the lens Super Sensing Camera which comes precisely 40 megapixel also will be a wide lens opening of f/1.8. The camera in dead 30 dead 30 Pro will support up to 4K 60fps in terms of video shooting.

And there is also the expense of ToF that we saw in the note is that to the side of the lens telefoto accurately 8 megapixel with a lens of f/2.4 which will last you up to 30x Zoom.

Yes, not having the applications Google

Unfortunately the faces of the former were true, the phones Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are coming with the Android system 10 is pre-installed with Operation interface EMUI 10 but without Applications Google basic like Store Google Play and YouTube and others, so that it will be possible to download them manually almost.

Finally the phone will be available in color green, silver, pink and black besides the color of the two additional Are Green and orange, but with the use of leather in the back design and not the bottle.

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