Best fitness apps for Android phones

The body needs a lot of care to maintain his fitness and strengthen his muscles and increase his endurance, so we will give you the best fitness apps for smart phones , with it you can care properly the body middle of a busy day full of chores and works.

Are characterized by a range of fitness apps, with their ability to take advantage of the minutes that it takes for the individual in arriving to work or leaving from one place to another in the best possible way, so as to achieve the best Fitness of the body in less time.

Best fitness apps for phones Android

The application Endomondo

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The application Endomondo is one of the newest andbest fitness apps for phones Android , it can track your fitness all day, during exercise or at times directly daily tasks, identifying the number of steps taken and the speed data, the rate of burning fat, and many others, it also provides you with exercises to suit the work place and the way to do it.

The app comes with a free copy offer the previous service, etc., comes by other monthly subscription offers the advantage of using the app without the appearance of promotional advertisements, the establishment of a special training plan, analyze heart rate and other features that can be obtained jointly in a paid service.

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