Best headsets that work with the assistant Alexa

This theme is the best headsets that work with the assistant Alexa appeared on Engadget.

You think Alexa is one of the best aid the current smart, they can do several tasks such as answer all your questions, or play your favorite music.

Has embraced many of the manufacturers of headphones smart assistant Alexa smart. This will not only gives you many of the sky-the intelligent assistant that responds to several orders, but also speakers with clear and powerful sound.

Here are some details about some of the best headsets that work with the plugin Alexa:

KitSound Voice One


Is not issue headphones KitSound Voice One currently but available for pre-order at the current time. It has been cooperating with Amazon for these headphones so the cost to get to hear and experience Alex full, and that makes her do multiple tasks such as answer questions or play music from several different sources, or control the smart home Devices, or hear you from another side in the room in addition to it is able to connect 8 headphones, Voice One with.


Libratone Zipp


Think headphones Libratone Zipp of the coolest portable speakers with Webster and Interchangeable, they also provide you with the sound experience of up to 360 degrees. These headphones support the Alexa is also where you can talk to us or check in the music. Plus it is portable which lets take Alexa with you anywhere.


Onkyo P3


Wouldn’t be headphones Onkyo P3 is available until the end of October, but available for pre-order and booking. Has been unveiled during the IFA conference in 2017, but with hear the name Onkyo there is no doubt to be the same clear and powerful sound.


The Sonos One


Has joined Sonos to Alexa when it is released Sonos One. Has stated it will provide headphones work with the help of Google too, which makes it one of the best headphones smart existing. They hear the very soul of form and health, considers its design is identical to Play:1. If you want to enjoy your headphones with powerful sound and with the multi-room supported by an assistant and Alexa


UE Boom 2


Think headphones UE Boom 2 of the best Bluetooth headsets a lot, too. It provides you powerful sound which makes you correct with you in every place where it is small in size and water, and you can also kill it with headphones, UE other to create a stereo sound Double. How to add Amazon Alexa to make her more attractive, but you have to press the button on the Bluetooth until you activate the plugin.

It is worth noting that you can only adjust the settings to turn the music such as volume up or follow a music player, she can’t control other smart devices, etc., are supported by Android only, no Apple support.


UE Megaboom


Provide the UE Megaboom the same possibilities exist in the Boom 2, but on a higher level and the voice much clearer. It gives you a longer battery life and the Megaboom custom to adjust the music settings. You can also control music playback using Alexa, but you will need to press the Bluetooth button to activate it.


UE Megablast

After it is released to hear the UE Boom and Megaboom, usually the UE to provide Megablast again. Where Megablast takes things to progress further through the patient in Alexa, all you need to connect the device to PAL Wi-Fi, which makes the device fit for domestic use only.

For health, there is no doubt that headset UE Megablast provide you voice sounds great, even when you do upload images, keep images crisp and without having any distortion.


This theme is the best headsets that work with the assistant Alexa appeared on Engadget.

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