Best iPhone and Android apps for the month of November 2018

أفضل تطبيقات أندرويد

Today we present to you the five apps featured this month from the application will make your account on Instagram .

1 : application of the Coolgram

This app will make your account on Instagram and distinctive and attractive as it works to split any image you want into several parts and a small photo as many as you want you’re and so post pictures on your account on Instagram, respectively, and will in the last the huge picture in your account and both will increase this account will be discussed from the image, and who knows you may get followers by the thousands if you know how to use this app in making your account different from the rest of the calculations, the app is available for free on Android and IOS with purchases inside it .

Download Coolgram Android

Download Coolgram Evo

2 : Application Library feature

The application of modern Arabic aimed at lovers of novels and the Reading where it contains more than 400 books of different varieties of horror literature, Islam, adventure and other 15 Department available to you in the app and you can browse them with ease, the features of the app that when you download any links this will be done directly within the app which will take you to any outside sources that may pose a risk, as it comes to the design and simple interface makes it easy to design, the app is available for free on Android .

Download library-fiction – Android

3 : application of Poco Launcher

Came phone Poco F1 of one series and the distinctive and benefit from it on any Android phone to the latest Xiaomi launched a line drawing of this on Google Play after you download them you’ll first of all on the home page is clean and quiet, free from frequent apps and when you swipe up you’ll find a list of applications in several sections where that line says to organize apps by tasks, puts editing apps alone and communication applications alone and the games alone and so on and, of course, you can count on this apps how you want in addition to this you can protect your privacy by hiding the icons of apps you don’t want to show, One is available for free on Android .

Download Poco Launcher – Android

4 : Apply Ecosia

Although this app is relatively old but few of us know in fact he does not offer anything special and is not present in the rest of the browsers it’s just a normal browser is based on Chromium, but in return your use of them will contribute to the financing of the operations of landscaping so that all the proceeds of the advertising phenomenon in-app invest in programs landscaping and afforestation app says that you have to make a 45 process search within it for the cultivation of a single tree, and written in the app description does it say keeps track of the websites you visit and sells your data to advertisers, You can try it completely free on Android and IOS .

Download Ecosia Android

Download Ecosia Evo

5 : application Quidd

Of apps that will get you if you’re a fan of animated images and posters is a dedicated application to create and share the kind of sound that you’ll find stickers and animations exclusive for multiple characters may be related to Disney or the series game of thrones or marble and any other of your favorite shows and movies to Anime and comic books runs you downloaded and used during the communication with your friends in chat applications as you can also add them on your photos to give them a bit of enjoyment and difference, the app is available free of charge with purchases in it on Android and IOS .

Download Quidd Android

Download Quidd Evo

Best iPhone and Android apps for the month of November 2018

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