Best keypad phone in 2020

It is difficult to accept that in the world of push-button smartphones are more important than autonomy, and capabilities of the software. Typically, push-button devices have good battery life, so this parameter should not be considered initially when choosing a phone. In this article we picked the best phone for enthusiasts and for those who appreciate the impact resistance and the durability of the apparatus.

Best keypad phone in 2020

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Premium BlackBerry Key2 and Key2 LE

This is probably the most interesting device in this list, and at the same time they are the most expensive. Key2 LE is a simplified variant of the common Key2 and on the official website, estimated at 28 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, you can purchase regular Key2 in a metal housing for 40 thousand — the choice is yours.

Key2 — is the premium smartphone with Android and full QWERTY keyboard. You will not feel deprived of functionality. In addition, Key2 offers productive Snapdragon processor 660, 6 gigabytes of RAM, dual camera, each of which is of 12 mega pixels, FHD IPS display ,the battery on the 3500 mAh.

In Key2 LE koprus made of plastic, it has got 4 gigabytes of RAM, dual-camera (12 + 5 MP) and battery 3000 mAh. In addition, LE is missing, the gestures on the keyboard. In normal Key2 touch it.

You are a businessman who wants to get the phone, focusing on the security of your data? Then Key2 and Key2 LE — your choice.

So how do we important software, all subsequent devices in the list are working on an advanced operating system KaiOS. Its main feature is support for many popular applications. For example, YouTube and WhatsApp. In addition, KaiOS offers advanced functionality, which can not even dream of familiar push-button phone operating system Series 40. For example, a set Assistant and full Google app store.

Nokia 2720 Flip for fans of “clamshells”

Nokia 2720 Flip is ideal for all those who like the feature Always On Display in modern Android devices. “Clamshell” 2720 Flip offers an additional display that displays the time and important information. The device supports 4G, Wi-Fi and can act as a modem for Internet sharing. On the phone is a button to call emergency services.

The device runs on the Snapdragon 205, got 4 GB of internal and 512 MB of RAM, the battery on 1500 mAh. There is main camera of 2 MP, but it is obviously for show. Flip priced at 6490 rubles, and, in my opinion, it is worth the money.

Protected Nokia 800 Tough

Technically Tough 800 repeats 2720 Flip. Here the same operating system and similar hardware. However, distinguished its case. The device is inside some sort of capsule. It is protected from dust and water according to the IP68 standard, from falls and blows to military standard MIL-STD-810G. The phone offers 4 days of use from a single battery charge supports 4G, Wi-Fi, you can install Google Maps.

It is priced at 7990 rubles, which is just fine, considering all of its features. In my opinion, this is the best phone on the market.

Stylish Nokia 8110 4G

Of course we could not pass 8110 4G. This is the sequel to the popular “bananaphone”! Technically he repeats 2720 Flip and Nokia 800 Tough. But its main feature is, of course, stylish design and unusual form factor. You can just see he is so cool! 8110 4G will suit hipsters, teenagers and all those who want to get a fashionable touchtone phone to at least temporarily get rid of Android/iOS-based. I propose to discuss the device in a Telegram.

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Is there anyone among our readers those who are still using push-button phones? Please share your impression from the list above or suggest better options if you have them, of course. Although I, in truth, I doubt it. The list could include Light Phone 2, for example, but it is a start-up project and to buy such device will be not so easy. The E-Ink screens, in my opinion, are ideal for use in similar phones, but, unfortunately, decent options on the Russian market is not observed.

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