Best monitor for Mac Pro XDR and real options

In 2016, Apple announced the termination of development and production of their own displays. Except those that are embedded in other products of the company. In June of this year the company, though, has returned to this segment of the industry, but in reality it is not so in reality. Monster, demonstrated at WWDC, can be considered a display only very conditionally, as a fancy sports bike bike.

How do you like that monitor? Perhaps he is the most beautiful on the market

Apple Pro XDR Display will be sold in two variants, with the “usual” glass of the screen, 4 for $ 999, or with nano-structured 5 999. Without taxes and fees. But besides the display, who wants to join this advance of civilization will have to fork out either for VESA mounting kit ($199) or unsightly, but very functional and comfortable stance from Apple ($999). It turns out expensive, even for Apple – but that’s not all the subtleties you should be aware of in advance. To fully realize the extraordinary capabilities of the XDR display will be possible only connecting it to a Mac Pro in 2019, which is already imminent, real, officially announced and will likely be released. The only, but it can connect a chain of up to eight XDR-displays. And, if 16-inch MacBook Pro will also be able to use the XDR display on all hundred.

The rest would have to settle for a resolution of 5K (5120×2880) instead of the 6K (6016х3384), although a similar thing on the desktop in the office, for those visitors who are able to “distinguish” it, that would be devastatingly prestigious. Even cooler than the iMac beginning of the decade on the Desk of the administrator barbershop. In no way blame Apple for someone the cost of a Mac Pro, the Apple Pro XDR Display and optional speaker stands for him is acceptable, and their special ability – the necessity of paramount importance. Perhaps it really is a masterpiece. While these displays do not fall into the hands of those who are not bound by a subscription about nondisclosure and has the right to do in the Mac Pro and its one or more XDR-displays seriously to call it a masterpiece before. You never know what. In June 2019, after the press conference about the opening of the conference, both artifacts showed to its participants strictly forbade to touch them.

Monitor LG UltraFine

In 2016, Phil Schiller, as a replacement for the dearly departed Apple Thunderbolt Display, was presented to the audience UltraFine LG 4K and 5K. As I recall, that both of these display the result of joint development of Apple and LG, and they are only for Macs, he said. Actually displays (a good way) was developed by the engineers of LG, and all that is connected with the mutual integration of devices with Mac AMI – Apple engineers. LG series UltraFine there is no button. You can control settings only in the settings of the Mac, which is connected to the display. People from the “dark side” (Windows users) it is infuriating. Magic absolute understanding between computers and display completely disappears if I restart my computer in Windows or any UNIX really. Without macOS display is almost uncontrollable.

But when all is well – everything is fine. Both the device in addition to its main task, perform the function of the hub. For users of Apple laptops, in the era of the artificially created shortage of communication connectors, a few extra ports too. The laptop is running with UltraFine no need to connect to the mains, it’s charging from the display. The displays from LG reliable, low-maintenance, durable, and cope with the fact what they need. They just work. In the media they are unhappy. Their design is sort of questionable (yeah, nice word), the frame around the screen in the first place is, and secondly they are plastic and cheap-looking, it is not fashionable. In the UltraFine first generation criticism “hub” – a set of connectors. At 4K model (22MD4KA-B) had three USB type-C (5Gbps), and no Thunderbolt. At 5K models (27MD5KA-B and 27MD5KB-B) were the same three connectors and one USB connector-C “with lightning” – with Thunderbolt support 3.

Apple and LG are not partners?

Apple Pro HDR Display

In may 2019, LG UltraFine 5K suddenly disappeared from the online Apple store. Before that they stopped selling (they were present, but to order them it was impossible, something like a situation of “out of stock”, but without any explanation). It lasted a few weeks, the media has walked the rumors about some kind of incredible display, top-secret and carefully concealed. Apple was not going to like to engage in displays, but LG UltraFine although he wasn’t anything special, quite satisfied with most – but Apple, the girl claims, could re-engage. Is LG UltraFine 5K employees support line recommended LG 4K UltraFine, journalists wondered. Then, at WWDC, Apple showed Pro XDR Display. Here is prohibitively expensive miracle now – our all? Option more and more expensive, for 6-7 thousand dollars plus a budget option for the 700? Fortunately, with Mac AMI working completely extraneous displays from LG – the problem is solved, but there is a feeling of injustice.

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Moreover, in June UltraFine LG 4K has also become difficult to buy, as lucky – the online store of the company he often was unavailable. The media reported that the cooperation with LG, Apple has ended, apparently unable to agree on something very important, such as style and size of the Apple logo on the inner walls of the housing (30 years ago some of such dispute, Apple has lost two million dollars, is the same as that of the current twenty billion for Apple). At the end of July, LG announced the release of a new generation of UltraFine 4K and 5K. It turns out that when the development of new models of displays were at the finish line, LG has stopped production of the displays of the first generation and the Apple attended to the elimination of stocks of old devices in warehouses. And that’s all. Actually, any of them could appease the audience – it happens after the release of new model old have to sell cheaper, it is not profitable.

Everything fell into place, Apple Pro XDR Display stopped to scold in the online Apple store and almost anywhere where they sell “Apple” products both LG UltraFine regularly sold for 699,95 4K, and 5K for 1299,95 dollars (without taxes and fees). Maybe someone will be enough a used LG UltraFine UltraFine LG 4K or 5K, which will cost twenty times cheaper than the cheapest Apple Pro XDR Display, with the usual glass and VESA mounting kit.

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