Best of crypto-currencies to invest in 2019

There is no work coded wishlist to buy investing in the work of encrypted is risky, despite the huge fluctuations in the prices and risks surrounding people still interested in investing in the currency coded.For this we will propose the best of crypto-currencies to buy in 2019.

أفضل العملات المشفرة للاستثمار في عام 2019

Best of crypto-currencies to invest in 2019

Best of crypto-currencies to buy in 2019:

1. The currency of bitcoin

Bitcoin is the currency of most value used so far, often referred to as the leader of crypto-currencies, and its goal first is the currency as the currency of the monetary world, and this will lead to a situation of unrest lasting in the business sector, experts believe the trading of bitcoin to digital currency may reach $ 25,000 before the end of 2019.

عملة البيتكوين

The currency of bitcoin

Pointed CoinDesk that the company Facebook usually sedentary “LeBron” as one of the factors which pushed bitcoin to surpass the level of $ 9000 strongly in June last.

Liquidity: enjoy your coin Bitcoin highest liquidity among the other digital, which makes it the best job coded for purchase for beginners, will not face any problem in the purchase, sale, where there will always be someone in the other party to implement your request.

Price volatility: despite their volatility they only know it as one of the most crypto-currencies are stable, it will require a lot of capital for someone to demand the price.

Economics consultation: running bitcoin on a system of Proof-of-Work, which means the access of workers of the mining rewards in the cluster in the bitcoin, in the beginning was the collected reward is 50 BTC for each block, but all of the 210 thousand pieces of bonuses up to half.

2. The work of the late

The work of the late is one of the digital currency important key after bitcoin, they are one of the most important of crypto-currencies in the last ten years, its mission is also to be a global currency.

عملة اللايتكوين

The work of the late

Founding team: is Charlie who is a computer scientist is an expert and also works in the stock exchange coins as an engineer.

Liquidity: the currency of late has high liquidity and value of the market from its inception.

Price volatility: Latin is more reliable when holding it compared with the riskier currencies that have a market value is low and small groups.

Buy late: despite the big competition, but late is still one of the most projects of the digital currency trusted and used in the year 2019.

3. The work of the interior

It was the work of an interim first draft of my boss offers contracts smart which lets developers run apps decentralization for mobile and desktop (dApps).

عملة الإثيريوم

The work of the interior

Team founder: the founding of the work item by “VitalikButerin”, even though he’s young but he can prove that he is an expert in the field of encryption, also known as the “Joseph Lupin,” that one missed he specializes in software in New York to create applications interior decentralization.

Liquidity: considered work also high liquidity and are ranked second and third, directly under the coin bitcoin, and therefore will not have any trouble in buying or selling a item.

Price volatility: has the item combined team of loyal, which means that the price has a better chance to stay stable to increasing over the long term.

The economics of encryption: there are a lot of item that can be found on the reverse of habituation, but keep in mind that item is the fuel system Waikoloa (dApp).

Purchase item: still item one of the most important of crypto-currencies that buy in the year 2019 to the innovations brought by science and its applications potential in all parts of the world.

4. Currency repo download

Due to being the third-largest digital currency by market capitalization, it has rebounded by more than 20% through 2019, characterized by suspicion quickly settled transactions for which the duration of 4 seconds to the nearest competitor which is the interim which lasts 4 minutes and bitcoin in more than 60 Minutes.

عملة الريبل

Currency repo download

Despite the fact that the rebate exists since a long time but it jumped into the vehicle development in the third quarter of 2017, and this point was the major breakthrough to become the third most digital currencies profit among other.

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