Best phones Shawty in 2018

Company expects the Shawty in developing markets due to research buyers for phones premium price and provide great potential therefore this was the fact that guided the company then expanded its work in China and India only. The company Shao number of phones possible have great potential for the price terms we use in this article the best articles provided by the company on this date.

Phone Mi 8: the best of Shawty

Company offers Shao-phones of different categories and always the chain Mi is that come the best advantages possible and it’s no different with phone Mi 8 from the Chinese company giant. You can phone Mi 8 slice Snapdragon top Snapdragon 845 with a ram of 6 GB which is the same specification phone S9 Plus from Samsung , which swallows its price is too much for a phone Shawty. And next to this the phone offers a design acceptable and a number of other advantages.

Also provide a copy of the Explorer Edition of the phone Mi 8 which offer the best advantages from Sensor fingerprints under the screen and the design is weird and fun and that random 8 GB internal 256 GB and also feature know the facets in three dimensions.

Phone Pocophone F1: surprise Shawty new

Dazzled Shawty Friday phone Pocophone F1 owner price $ 300 , which comes to the benefits of big phones. Phone Pocophone has a Snapdragon 845 with random memory 8 GB or 6 GB. The phone representative also offers a huge battery capacity of 4000 mah but live it to the quality of the camera won’t impress and the body is plastic and the design is not any new but it’s less than design of other phones.

Phone Black Shark: phone games from Shaw.

Didn’t want Shaw to miss any opportunity to attract a new audience so I have decided to enter into the world of phones Games phone Black Shark. Comes phone BlackBerry posted specs strong, incorporating a Snapdragon 845 the most powerful from Qualcomm, 8 GB of RAM and a battery of 4000 mah to your use of the games.

The phone supports feature other custom games increase the performance which bore the name of Shark key, not the first of its kind where companies offer other similar benefits. This allows the nurses to stop notifications during game play and enhance performance during game play just to take advantage of it.

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