Best phones worth waiting for in 2019

This year 2019 there are forecast to witness the new innovations and the design of smart phones, starting from the phones screen folding passing through a starting end sheet that didn’t last long and compensated by the design of screen hole any hole the network and all the way to the start of exploitation for your windows and openings, here are 10 phones have awaited in 2019 .

1 : Galaxy X

And is the phone that I don’t know his name yet, but let’s call it the name of the Galaxy X and the value of the phone in its screen folding, which Samsung unveiled this model last year with talk of semi-official that it will launch in the second half of 2019 with a screen move to the tablet when you open and the phone when folded and a 7.2 inch .

2 : phone family S10

And maybe the first flagship phones of the big which will be launched this year and comes on the anniversary of the series Galaxy S. The Tenth and there are three phones in the middle of the family S10 different specifications and the nurses and come as all registry with a hole in the screen and maybe the tenth anniversary of the drive to see what will give us Samsung in the twentieth of February next .

3 : phone Iphone XI

News talk that Apple will launch three phones in September, two of them screen OLED and it is not yet know the name of the phones if you don’t like the design of the Iphone XS phases until the moment do not indicate a significant change in the interface of the phone except that the Notes will be less space for a little while in the afternoon there will be a change to the form of the camera according to some leaks .

4 : phone Mate 30

It was Mate 20 and Mate 20 pro of the best phones for 2018 and that would put Huawei under more pressure to continue the success and provide worth to wait with my phone Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro .

5 : Nokia phone 9

Was this phone in the list that we use in 2018, but he is yet to come, that makes our share more and more of the phone who appeared to the deal leaked that contains network cameras complicated up to five cameras let’s hope you don’t shoot and oil on the onion and Nokia see phone worth the wait .

6 : OnePlus 7T

Expected in the phone company OnePlus to continue in the big screen and dual camera and keep the internal specifications the most powerful and at the same time hope to maintain the policy of the competing rate .

7 : phone Shawty Boca iPhone F2

Latest this phone in 2018 sensation when he came with the latest processor from Qualcomm and a Ram 6 or 8 GB and a liquid cooling technology and with all this was priced at 300 to $ 400, therefore we see the successor to the latest specifications and the same price .

8 : phone the Galaxy Note 10

The series Galaxy Note is the fruit of the table of the smart phones, but we hope to break the routine and make something new out of the cult the rest of the phones people were not its own different from the rest of the phones especially Samsung phones .

9 : Google Phone Pixel camera 4 XL

Was pixels XL 3 in 2018 of the most powerful phones but it suffered some of the problems that affected the reputation of the series, as the mission went on by saying that Google doesn’t pay attention to the smartphone market, but believe this series keeps its brand shops trading information and markets so phone XL 4 leaders will not answer net around to confirm or deny these suspicions .

10 : phone Khalifa Find X

The company launched the Oppo Find X in 2018 and impressed. the design of the phone camera slider up .

Add to this cell phones top ten phones in the other we are waiting by her phone from LG coming in February, which hinted the police about it by saying Good-bye to and that will receive commands by pointing, and also a series of Huawei’s P 30 and that will come with a camera sophisticated and flash pump according to the leaks, and Shao Mei 9 and that no leaks about it even the moment .

This was more phones pending in 2019 .

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