Best program for reading comics on Android

Today, comics have become an integral part of mass culture and the comics are not just limited to stories about “superheroes in color panties.” There are enough serious works that touch on adult themes. Fortunately in the digital age is not necessarily “dirty paper”. You can read the comics in electronic form. And now we will tell you about the best, in our opinion, the programs for reading comics on Android.

To read comic books on Android-smartphone? Why not!

The contents

Marvel Unlimited — For fans of Spider-Man

You didn’t think this collection will do without apps from the world’s largest comic book publisher? Marvel Unlimited is the official app from Marvel which will give you access to a huge catalogue of comics that appeared from the pen of Marvel for the past 50 years. Estestvenno, of generosity, no one to arrange and is not going to start reading comics from such a large library, you will have to pay. Then there is the system of monthly subscription, which at any moment can cancel it.

Download: Marvel Unlimited

DC Comics — Batman and all, all, all

And here is the main competitor Marvel in the face of DC. Official DC Comics app works almost as well as Marvel Unlimited. DC Comics offers you to get access to the entire catalog of DC Soms. But there is one condition: there fit only comics, released 12 months ago or more. That is the latest comic book series to the app, alas, is not available. And what universe do you like more? Marvel or DC? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: DC Comics

ComicRack — comic book Collection in Carmen

What to do if you don’t want to dwell on any one publisher? In this case, you will need a app ComicRack. It allows you not just to buy some comics online, but also download releases directly from a personal computer. Very popular supported file formats CBR and CBZ. Besides, there are quite handy tools for the organization of the library, you can adjust the size of the pages and individual panels of comic books, make bookmarks, and so on.

Download: ComicRack

CDisplayEx Comic Reader — Store your comics in a safe place

CDisplayEx Comic Reader — this is essentially another “reader” for comics. Feature set here is almost identical to the previous application with only one exception. If you have a home server connected to the Internet, you can put all the comics in there, and as necessary, load the desired issues on the Internet. It is quite convenient and in the end we can organize something like a “cloud comic book store”.

Download: CDisplayEx Comic Reader

ComicScreen is a Universal “reader” for the entire

Previous reviewed app designed specifically for reading comics. But what if you want to not only read comics, and view photos or even read books in addition to this? In this case, you can use ComicScreen. The app works fine with FTP servers and supports not only e-book formats, but also work with ZIP and RAR archives.

Download: ComicScreen

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