Best programs for creating animated effects on Android

To do is already possible on almost any smartphone. And handle pictures today thanks to the various applications almost in automatic mode, receiving the excellent photos. But today surprise friends unique the can still be. To do this, just need to put on image animated effects. And now we will tell you about the best programs for creating animated effects on Android.

Despite the difficult to pronounce name, XEFX is a very advanced program. It allows you not only to add realistic special effects to your photos, but also convert it to animated GIF, looped video or even create a live Wallpaper. The app offers over 200 effects and presets you want to edit.

PixaMotion — another app for creating interesting visual content. This program offers many features, including creating stop-motion animations, videos and animation effects. The program also offers you to create animated themes and a rich selection of filters.

With this app you can unleash the power of the full potential of your photos and turn them into interesting works of digital art. In addition to creating animated images, StoryZ allows you to create video stories and animated GIF. The most innovative feature of the program is called “pulse”. Thanks to it, your images literally “come to life”.

Scribbl is one of the most easy to use applications. To “revive” the pictures are just a couple of taps. But there is a fly in the ointment. Have application 2 versions — paid and free. Functionality free, as you know, is very limited. It’s a shame really.

PicsArt Animator is one of the best apps in the Play Store in the us overlooked category. With this application you can create an animation, or even cartoons or movies “a single motion”. PicsArt Animator gives you access to a package of professional features animated images and objects. While all this splendor you will not have to spend a dime.

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