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Very often we need something fast to record. This can be a telephone number, information about an important meeting, a shopping list and a lot of important information. The note created on the phone usually stays on the phone. For those who use Apple products have an app for notes that “self” all sinhroniziruete between devices. Of course, you can use Google for this purpose, but in the vast Play Store there are quite a few interesting programs for notes that are synchronized through the cloud.

Notes sync between devices is very convenient

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OneNote is the Most feature-rich application for making notes

After Microsoft OneNote became 100% free in 2015, he began to enjoy wide popularity. Since then, he has established himself as one of the most useful, full-featured and powerful application to create notes on Android. In addition to driving text
OneNote gives you the ability to insert multimedia files, images, create sketches directly in the application window, saving web pages and so on. And cloud synchronization services Microsoft will not give your data the abyss.

Download: OneNote

Dropbox Paper — Notes from the famous cloud service

Cloud storage Dropbox is known to many. But not everyone is aware of Dropbox Paper. Dropbox Paper is a note taking application that stores each note in the cloud and uses the resources of your Dropbox account. This means that your notes will be available on any device and in any location, as long as you have Internet access. If you do not have access to the world wide web, you can still edit the notes offline and changes are synced as soon as you return to the network.

Download: Dropbox Paper

TickTick — a Bunch of functions “load”

Technically, TickTick is the app for creating to — do list or shopping list. However, no one bothers to use it for notes and other important information. Of the distinguishing features of the program I want to mention the possibility to sort notes in folders, sync them with Google Calendar and similar services, availability of mode create reminders, voice typing, a timer and the possibility of creating a “General” notes that you can edit several users at once.

Download: TickTick

Evernote is the Gold standard for working with notes

Evernote is perhaps one of the most famous application for creating notes on mobile devices. Of course, it can do almost everything the same as the program described above and even more. In particular, it is possible to copy part of the data (or all, if necessary) from the web pages, scan and recognize text on a photo and almost “on the fly” to access the services to translate the text into other languages if required. However, there are “fly in the ointment”: the basic free version allows you to sync with online vault only 60 megabytes of data.

Download: Evernote

ColorNote — Notes and something else

The ColorNote service very similar to Google Keep, which we not so long ago told. To keep out such material, we encourage you to subscribe to our news channel in the Telegram. The basic principles of the creators of ColorNote — functionality and simplicity. Here is everything you need to create text and voice notes, options drawing and add ready-made figures and tables and a bunch of other things. But the application distinguishes from the competition is, perhaps, the presence of a very convenient widget.

Download: ColorNote

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