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Today, many people refuse from traditional books printed in the printing house, in favor of their electronic counterparts. Yes, the thrill of replacing the usual paper to electronic, that is, not the same. While there are many different specialized electronic “e-readers”. But why buy yourself an extra gadget if you already have at hand a smartphone or tablet? Just download a special program, which we shall now tell.

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Lithium has a very nice design and a couple of extra themes in order to enable you to organize your virtual bookshelf as you want. In addition, a nice bonus is so popular in recent years dark theme and night mode, which has a much less negative impact on the eyes in the night. The application also allows you to make notes in the text and highlight parts that interest you. There are only a couple of drawbacks in the free version there is advertising and there is no ability to sync with Google Drive.

Download: Lithium

Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers a free app with the same name as their famous gadget for reading e-books. Main highlight of app Kindle is sync. Applications on different devices operate synchronously, so you can, for example, to bookmark a certain page in my smartphone and “move” on the screen or “reader” Kindle. And you continue reading exactly from the point where you left off. Amazon Kindle is free and offers just a huge catalogue of variety of books: from classics to works by independent authors. Of course, there is also the option of subscribing, which will offer you a bunch of bonuses like new free books each month.

Download: Amazon Kindle


The Aldiko Book Reader supports a lot of formats of electronic books as well as various options for the design of the interface. But the main opportunity of the project that distinguish it from all others, is that you can easily import your own collection of books. This is a very good fit, if you suddenly use a third party sources to download books.

Download: Aldiko


Prestigio is one of the most popular applications for reading ebooks on Android last but not least thanks to the advanced fine-tuning capabilities. You can work with fonts, change the margins and gaps, the color of pages and fonts and so on. And there is a built-in online store that will give you instant access to thousands of books in more than 25 languages. But there is one thing that makes the program unique is the immediate translation on the page. This Prestigio uses the built in Google Translation Epdp. Well, about the options for creating bookmarks, notes, background topics, you can not even speak. Of course, all of this is here.

Download: Prestigio

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader supports more ebook formats than probably any other reader app, ebooks for Android. In addition, there are more than 20 presets for settings, gestures, swipes and buttons to control the program. There are also “two-page” mode. This is when in the horizontal orientation are arranged in front of you like a real book. In addition, the app is free, so suggest you give it a try.

Download: Moon+ Reader

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