Best programs to create storis in Instagram

If you use Instagram not the first day, you are surely aware of the existence of such a function as “history.” This is a small photo or video that is stored 24 hours and are available in a special section. However, if you subscribe to top bloggers, you’ve probably seen that their story is framed as something else. Funds that are not available in the standard application Instagram. And all because you need to use a special program about the best of which we now describe.

The contents

Unfold — create storys like professionals


Unfold is one of the most popular applications when it comes to software to create stories in Instagram. Unfold has a stylish and intuitive interface that makes the process of selecting a template and working with it is very simple. Some of the options available in the free version, but for some you will have to pay. With this you can create albums of your finished stories and to save unfinished projects if suddenly you will need to finish them later. In place and the ability to create collages, use photo frames, various effects and much more.

Download: Unfold

Spark Post — the most advanced editor storis

Spark Post

The Spark Post is an app for creating Instagram-stories from the Adobe. What does it mean? The fact that in our disposal there will be a lot of features for photo editing. It did not disappear and blanks to create stories. They then are divided into groups: the seasons, lifestyle, business, travel, food and so on. Effects, options for working with colors, crop images, frames… in General, a complete set of all this Post is present a Spark. By the way, don’t forget to subscribe on our Instagram. Photos of food can’t surprise you, but the latest information will provide.

Download: Spark Post

Animoto — animated stories for your Instagram


Animoto, as the name implies, is an application that offers you to create animated stories that can be downloaded to Instagram in video format. Built-in templates for creating stories here present. But you can create your own design from scratch. In addition, you can put music to your story, as well as various labels and stickers.

Download: Animoto

Story Cutter — cut video

Story Cutter

To tell the truth, the Story of Cutter’s more like an app for editing photos and video, which has options for embedding Instagram in what is called “the appendage”. Story Cutter allows you to import any video or photo from your gallery and edit it by adding effects, stickers, decals, trim (if we’re talking about video), resize, put music and so on. The only minus is that the free version puts a watermark on top of the resulting history.

Download: Cutter Story

Story Art — create collages and not only

Story Art

Story Art, as the name implies, will help to make your Instagram stories works of art. You can choose collage with designs executed in various artistic styles. Also, there’s a set of very nice and beautiful fonts so that the signature in your story will be content.

Download: Story Art

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