Best smart watches for tracking sports activities

With the development of technology, people absorb new ideas, tools and new technology such as smart watches that allows the practice of sports activities without the need to carry your phone with you, in time you will not lose calls and messages.

Is not designed for smart watches for daily use only normal, but also can be used for sporting activities, and tracking fitness and health, with the presence of many types of Watches from different companies, and we collected the best smart watches to track sports activities in this article, to help you get started.

Hours Apple TV (second generation)

– Price: 350$
– To buy: Click here.

Even now, there is no competition for Apple in the market in terms of features and services and most importantly quality. In the months and weeks past, appeared a series of reports that indicate that the former contributed to saving the lives of some users through the monitoring of health problems before they occur and alert them.

One of the most important actresses in the previous when it comes to Fitness is to track The number of steps, calories and follow a heart rate, in addition to a-GPS support geographic data, so that you can abandon your phone at home and go out for sports, with the former only.

Also that the watch is water resistant to fifty meters, while the battery allows use for 18 hours continuously before you need to recharge.

Fitbit Versa

– Price: 200$
– To buy: Click here.

Fitbit is one of the leading companies that are producing devices to track sports activities, and one of its products is the Versa light weight with a rounded design and bathroom small, which makes it look better on the wrist and are compatible with some accessories.

This smart watch allows tracking of sports activities such as running, swimming, cycling and weights, in addition to tracking heart rate, Mileage, calories and sleep tracking.

The former comes with the application on smartphones to synchronize information, as it gives access to a personal trainer and most importantly battery life that allows use for more than 4 days before you need to recharge.

The downside is the lack of support for the system of geo-positioning, which means you need to carry your phone with you to track distances accurately.

Garmin Forerunner 645

– Price: 465$
– To buy: Click here.

Can this former smart store up to 500 songs memory it internal. Although they come at a high price, but its exterior structure is strong and the number of sensors, including a compass in real time, accelerometer, Thermometer, Barometer and a heart rate tracking.

The former do not come with a touch screen such as Apple watches and fitbit, except that button five is still easier to use while the app utilities on smart phones, lets sync information and enhance the battery life extends to seven days.

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