Best smart watches of sports, which can be purchased at the current time

This theme is the best smart watch sports that can be purchased at the current time appeared on Engadget.

Becoming smart watches the ad hoc athletes are very common in recently, where she presented many of the companies competing smart watches featuring the benefits of possibilities of multiple and different which help users to maintain their routine the athlete correctly.

My company Garmin and Polar of famous manufacturers for smart watches sports, usually add these companies to GPS to hours of her smart, in addition to a tracking heart rate, with more possibilities.

Considered buying a smart watch dedicated to sport something very personal, so here is a list of the best smart watches sports on the market that you can purchase:

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music h very suitable for jogging. Although it does not offer all the metrics provided by the H Forerunner 935, but it supports Garmin Pay and run music without internet connection including Spotify. As it also support notifications on smart phones.

This watch sports a beautifully designed and comfortable to wear and exercise tracking activity, nor does it track only the active, but offers statistics as well.

Provide previous battery life is great, but it does not support the feature of Garmin Pay until now.

Garmin Forerunner 935


The Garmin Forerunner 935 of the best smart watches custom sports, they provide the appearance of a new and stylish with a suitable price.

You Hour Garmin Forerunner 935 collects data in a comprehensive manner and not limited only to core metrics such as heart rate and GPS, they also provide data related to trafficking and height and the conditions of training and levels of awareness and strength-to-weight.

It is also fully compatible with a wide range of accessories for Garmin, they are working with sensors, ancient and modern. And also the previous battery use at work during the whole week, plus it will give you the tracking events for more than 24 hours, with the support of a full range of sports activities.

More importantly, you will be able to customize and control your music, as it will provide you notifications from your smartphone. As for the negative side of the border by the hour, is its lack of storage capacity of the interior and their price is high.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT


Longer hours Garmin Forerunner 735XT hours full specifications, where it offers many of the same characteristics provided by the H 935, but there are some basic things you are missing.

They are not characterized by a sophisticated design enough, as the screen is not as exciting as the screen of the 935, but in terms of performance and GPS system heart rate measurement, they offer the same quality.

The Watch supports a range of sports and accessories, with the option to use a strap heart rate or option existing on the wrist if you prefer. Also provide the previous set of operations customization, notifications smartphones. But the menu system the boundary is not logical as the system clock 935 later. However, the former look very appropriate for the price its reasonable.

Polar V800


It was the Polar known for always focusing on the heart rate. With H V800, the company integrating the GPS system with respect to the belt connector device to measure heart rate. Although H V800 was there a few years ago, but it is still the seventh leading the company.

This is the former is better compared to any hours other than the Polar, they are distinguished design, stylish metal buttons and belt very comfortable. They also provide a GPS system to measure heart rate and Barometer sensors, the movement, as it’s also compatible with other sensors in the Polar tracking additional metrics.

Also added V800 advantage notifications smart and activity tracking, this is in addition to the battery used in the work up to 13 hours with training mode or month mode with activity tracking, as the former also track sleep, this in addition to I Application Polar Flow bringing allows to collect all data.

Garmin Vivoactive 3


Provide hours Garmin Vivoactive 3 very cool system for sports and tracking at a very reasonable price. It is a-Hour Fitness smart and versatile providing long battery life-lasting with light weight design and many of the activities of the tracking.

I don’t think Screen hours Vivoactive 3 very exciting such as Screen hours Apple Watch or Fitbit Ionic, but it still provides a GPS system to measure heart rate and a lot of detail by applying Garmin Connect.

You’ll also get the advantage of two additional posts with this clock compared to the clocks of the other, including Garmin Pay, the possibility to reply to messages if you are an Android user. But it is worth noting that service Garmin Pay does not support all banks.

TomTom Spark 3/Runner 3


Focus hours TomTom Spark 3 (also known as the Runner 3) on physical fitness, but they don’t include the altimeter.

Provide hours Spark 3 GPS system heart rate measurement, and the complexity of this watch is that it provides tracking of the road, which will help you in finding on the road simply and easily.

There is no hourly support for smart phones but you can keep track of all activities throughout the day on the way to sync your data on the application of the TomTom Sports. It is exciting that you will be able to connect Bluetooth headsets with your ex and listen to music without needing your phone.

Fitbit Ionic


The Fitbit Ionic suitable for jogging and biking and swimming fairly well, they are providing GPS system heart rate measurement in full. From a design standpoint, it comes to the design less size and weight of the other watches on the list.

The system information display is customizable, as the Fitbit application is more oriented to follow the pattern of life, but this may be all he needs runners ordinary.

The former offers also the service of Fitbit Pay to the state during the development, as well as to support notifications of smart phones, as the screen looks great and vibrant, and is the only downside to hourly is that they provide a battery can work up to 4 days only.

Garmin Forerunner 35


If you want to get h from Garmin, but you prefer to get something set, the H Forerunner 35 is the optimal choice. That’s where the H Forerunner 35 does not include a lot of additional features to the existing hours of other.

Provide previous GPS system, measure your heart rate in addition to the accelerometer to take care of the tracking step daily, you will also get all the information that you may want to run. Most importantly is that the previous slim and compact, so you won’t feel the weight while wearing them at all.

You can still also get a lot of information through sync via the app Garmin Connect as well as to support notifications of your smartphone on your wrist.

+Apple Watch Nike


If you are from users of the iPhone, the Apple Watch smart experience. smart watch is first class. Designed hours +Apple Watch Nike in conjunction with Nike which offers some unique options such as the Belt and VII of the application of the Nike Running.

It also gives you hours Apple Watch accurate results to track the beating of a heart and Positioning System GPS, but don’t think scales running the full as what is present in hours of the other, this is the negative side of the border by the hour because their price starts from $ 399.

Featuring former a fantastic design with a big screen sensor a heart rate electrode, as there is also the option of wireless connectivity so you can stay connected outside your home without having to your phone, this means that you can stream music or send messages without your phone.

Work this clock with iPhone only.

Polar M600


Working hours Polar M600 through the operating system WearOS, and has been specially designed rate with the experience of Android full. As such, they provide a better experience than the hour +Apple Watch Nike, where she offers a lot of information.

With heart rate integrated GPS, provide hours Polar M600 track Wonderful your activities, as it’s you synchronize all your data with application to Polar Flow which is a diagnostic application provides outstanding a lot of comments about the effectiveness of your workout.

And the only downside to hourly is the battery life, so you’ll get a week of hours running.

Work this watch with Android phones and iPhone.


This theme is the best smart watch sports that can be purchased at the current time appeared on Engadget.

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