Best upcoming phones for the first quarter of 2019

If you are prepared to wait a few months to buy a new phone, you probably won’t disappoint the transition of phones to 2019 adoption of new designs, without Noto– the most famous screen flukes or ramp automation, as well as the adoption of the new processor focuses on improving the performance and rationalize consumption thanks to its architecture 7 nm.

Without further prolonging, here are the best mobile product access to the first half of 2019:

Galaxy S10

Image for Galaxy S10

We heard about the availability of version Galaxy S10 commercially in March next, where the rumors provide a telephone of the tenth anniversary of the three copies vary in price, with a copy of the fourth limited featuring luxury design and stronger technology, including support of networks of the fifth generation.

The highlight: a design that would benefit from a perforated screen, processor Exynos 9820 which improves the performance with the rationalization of the battery consumption thanks to the adoption of new architectural and fingerprint reader screen, which may not be available in the economy version.

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Galaxy flex

Gave us the Samsung see on a prototype for its folding, which is rumored to come in the name of Felix (Flix) and will be reviewed during the Mobile World Congress held next February.

The idea of the phone is that it will enable its use in two modes: in the full 7.3 inches, and in the folded position the company small 4.6-inch.

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This says that both LG and Huawei are trying to offer their phones collapsible to the first half of 2019 as well.

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LG G8 ThinQ

I didn’t remember leaks anything about specifications, but we do know that the G8 will be the most powerful phones the Korean company in the first half thanks to the processor Snapdragon 855, the design of the screen flukes if we consider one of the patent groups LG and draws the industry is proof of that.

We expect that up G8 camera V40 tripartite; and to add the vision wide angles, along with regular and telephoto used to determine the position of the Porter. As always, LG phones, may see an improvement on battery life.

Sony Xperia XZ4

After becoming the brand Japan launches its phones leading each about 6 months ago, is expected to disclose Xperia XZ4 late February with Mobile World Congress, but don’t expect the tension in the Arab markets, after the withdrawal of the company months before.

More what will distinguish the phone is the screen long dimensions of 21:9, preceded by the tub full as will maintain the traditional design of the edges of the upper and lower thick relatively. This coupled with the processor Snapdragon 855 with 6 gigabytes of RAM, and a camera background of the trilogy.

Nokia 9

It seems that Nokia 9 live the story of Nokia 8 Sirocco delayed for long months the wait for his arrival, so although Nokia 9 will come with five cameras, some sources say that it will come with a processor Snapdragon 845 what does not make it – of the performance area, public phones 2019-Pilot.

It is said that the disclosure of the Nokia 9 will be the conference of the Mobile World, held late February.

Huawei P30/ P30 Pro

Add camera dead 20/ dead 20 Pro Triple fun its forces, stating that the leaks tend to copy the Pro with a camera of a fourth will be a new job may be to identify three-dimensional all elements of the scene to improve the photography experience and applications of augmented reality.

Also interesting we’ve heard about the upgraded processor Kirin 980 user the first time the in dead 20/ dead 20 Pro, we may see it improve on a design that has become of interest to science, the Chinese recently. Knowing that the date of the advertising medium is located between March and April 2019.

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OnePlus 7

Phone favorite for experience Android fast, we believe that the OnePlus 7 will add to the reputation of brand China with Snapdragon 855, so expect new improvements to the camera performance, as usual.

The date of declaration of the deceased is next June, as there are rumors that we may see a version of small size of the phone.

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BlackBerry Key3

Will the BlackBerry with the physical keyboard, probably in 2019, but what you don’t know the mission she’s working as a tracking and it can create shortcuts for buttons, so I think the phone is useful to improve productivity.

What we hope to add Phone Blackberry Key 3 expected to announce in June is adopt Snapdragon 855 improve the performance of the camera.

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