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VR technologies are widely implemented in virtually all spheres of human life: from leisure to learning. At least for iOS less developed VR applications than, for example, for Android, this platform boasts a really decent developments in the field of virtual reality. We have selected a list of the 7 best VR games and apps with your iPhone and a special headset will allow you to plunge into a vivid virtual world.

iPhone and virtual reality are made for each other

The contents

Really cool app Relax VR

To be there, no need to go anywhere

This app is great for relieving accumulated over time stress. A fascinating virtual journey to the most serene corners of our planet at a pleasant meditative music will help to balance and adjust in a positive way. Incredibly realistic and vivid picture of forests, mountains, the sea definitely deserves your attention.

Download Relax VR

Game Virtual Kaiju 3D for those who wanted to feel like Godzilla

Interesting game with high-quality graphic design and at least decent sound will allow owners of the Apple to grow into the role of a film star Godzilla. The task is simple: destroy virtual buildings of a huge city. A full immersion in the process are guaranteed.

Virtual Kaiju 3D

Aircraft simulator Fractal Combat X

Top-notch game for the iOS platform with excellent 3D graphics allows users to immerse completely in the fascinating story of a fighting game. Game application designed to the last detail: a huge selection of designs of planes, realistic landscapes and epic soundtracks. Everyone can feel like a pilot performing a complex and extremely important mission. Note that the use of VR technology is not limited to creating games with a similar plot. The graduates of modern flying schools are already prepared for future flights for special virtual simulators. This approach to training allows to prepare qualified pilots who have worked all possible routine and emergency. More about this you can read in the blog the largest aircraft broker Air Charter Servise.

Download Fractal Combat X

The graduates of modern flying schools are already prepared for future flights for special virtual simulators

An exciting application of Virtual Reality Moon

Landed on the moon?

This app is suitable for those who have long dreamed of in a snap to be on the moon. Virtual image recreated by the developers, is not inferior to real. High quality graphics allows you to enjoy the view of the Earth and the International Space Station from a completely different angle. Explore the lunar surface with the help of this app for Apple!

Download Virtual Reality Moon

Youtube VR

VR has a standard YouTube app

The name of this app speaks for itself. Like Android, iOS has adapted the famous app to recreate the realistic plot of the video, so that users can fully feel the effect of presence in chosen locations and scenarios. It is enough to specify in a search engine key phrase of the type “VR” and “360 degrees” and you will immediately see the available videos in that format.

Google Street View

Walk through San Francisco?

Tours of world landmarks have become a real joy thanks to this application. Have a realistic travel experience in virtual reality mode with their smartphone and the headset. This mobile version adds to the service Google Maps and help you navigate any terrain with the construction of the panoramic view. And with this app you can create and upload your own panorama.

Download Google Street View

Ride simulator Roller Coaster VR

To visit the famous roller coaster or other rides, not necessarily buy them a ticket. Enough to arm your mobile device, downloaded the app and headset and adrenaline you are guaranteed. Great graphics creates an incredibly realistic picture, so you feel every movement as if everything is happening in reality.

To visit the famous roller coaster or other rides don’t have to buy a ticket with them

Download VR Roller Coaster

So modern developments in the field of virtual reality and significantly expand the circle of human capabilities, making it a more diverse leisure activities and substantially increasing the level of educational programs for different professional fields.

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