Best VR game for Android

Virtual reality today is much more affordable entertainment than even some a couple years ago. And we are not talking about expensive VR headsets from top manufacturers. Virtual reality you can provide almost any Android smartphone. And if so, then it’s time to learn how to use it in order to get a new gaming experience. And I have to say: no interactive textbooks and other VIAR-chat (if you want interesting dialogue — welcome to our Telegram chat) in our collection will not. Only games.

And another point: for full game you need nibud fixture in order to fasten it on your phone. Thus it will act as a “slam” or if you want “points” of virtual reality. Some manufacturers have special devices like Samsung Gear, but the most versatile is probably the Google Cardboard. It costs mere pennies, and for pleasure can deliver the car and small truck.

The contents

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

This game is in fact exactly what it says in the title. In the beginning you will discover a lost temple, into which you need to get. Along the way you’ll solve various puzzles of different difficulty, collect items and apply them in the right places. The control is performed with the help of sight. That is, you need some time to look at the door, and your character will move there, “sleep” on the subject and he will be in your virtual hands, and so on.

Download: Hidden Temple VR Adventure

VR Noir

In this exciting game you have to try on the role of a private detective who undertakes to disentangle the most complex cases. VR Noir is one of the best games of virtual reality, not least thanks to not be ashamed of graphics, excellent voice acting, and intuitive controls.

Download: VR Noir


Sisters is a true survival-horror for Android. This game is really pretty creepy, but if you’re a fan of the genre, the fun is guaranteed. Something project like the recent Resident Evil in first person. Is that a set of objects and enemies is not as big as in the “resident evil”. Otherwise we have an intriguing and frightening story and a mansion full of mysteries and horrors.

Download: Sisters

Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR looks like a retro game straight from the arcade. Your hero tightly “glued” to the movement. And, going from room to room, you need to destroy all enemies in sight. Almost all as well as many years ago. Except that all of the above you will need to perform in virtual reality. Very funny feeling. Recommend to familiarize.

Download: Zombie Shooter VR

InCell VR

InCell VR is an amazing racing game with (surprise!) educational function. You are racing at high speeds through the human body, while trying to avoid obstacles along the way. Along the way you will learn interesting facts about the human body. For example, “drove” you to the liver, and learned about how this organ works. A good example of how you can combine the pleasant with the useful.

Download: InCell VR

InMind VR

This game was created by the same people that gave us a InCell VR. And therefore, you should expect something like this. Instead to explore the human body, you are immersed in the human brain. During your travels through the nervous system of the patient, you have to find neurons that cause mental illness and to cure the person. Sounds strange, but it can be very fun.

Download: InMind VR

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