Betrayal: how IRS collaborates with Analytics companies

According to analyst firm Chainanalysis, 36 percent of all bitcoins are lost or not produced. While 22 percent of coins are held by traders, while 30 percent are in the wallets of investors.

It is noteworthy that the services of Analytics companies often use the IRS. 20 percent of service spending goes on funding research Chainanalysis. This writes the news.bitcoin.

Why no one sold their bitcoins during the summer

Analysts Chainanalysis found that long-term investors have sold thousands of bitcoins in the amount of $ 24 billion in the period from December to April. Half of this amount is only for December. It is noteworthy that after June, the volatility of Bitcoin has fallen sharply — holders ceased to pour his crypt.

This is certainly a sign that the coins at that price to sell is quite profitable given the potential of Bitcoin. Throughout July and August the number of sales of the main cryptocurrency fell to minimum values.

Control industry is tied to the encryption and anonymity, is quite difficult. However, the Chainanalysis believe that one of the key factors in the growth of the stock market is to examine the current trends and transparent allocation of funds in the stock market.

For a growing financial systems (like the cryptocurrency market) understanding of the principles of Economics is a key factor for all bidders. People will not stay in the industry if she will remain a set of coincidences and HYIPs. If we can identify a clear economic signals, more and more investors can be confident that their money is safe.

The stock market gradually develops, the “weak hands” are leaving the industry, cryptocurrencies are deposited on the wallets of those who really believes in the potential of Bitcoin.

Do I have to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies

Chainanalysis shares data on the issue of Bitcoin into four categories: from the most liquid (M0) to the most illiquid (M3). Accordingly, in the first category took bitcoins that frequently move between wallets. The latter category includes not yet mined or lost coins. From may to August, all four categories remained virtually unchanged.

At the moment the largest contract Chainanalysis approved in conjunction with the IRS. The analytical firm is financed by 5.7 million dollars to search for those who are trying to launder money through the crypt. It is quite possible that soon the US government will have a solid database of the future “taxpayers” whose incomes are in the hundreds of bitcoins.


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