Bett 2019: Microsoft announces 7 devices exist for collaboration with Lenovo as Dell

Bett 2019: مايكروسوفت تعلن عن 7 أجهزة موجهة للتعليم بالتعاون مع لينوفو وآيسر وديل

While trying to Google the provisions of the car to the field of education thanks to its services and its organs, which are running Chrome and are considered affordable for a large percentage of users, Microsoft is working to raise the competition with their counterparts to develop devices depend on the operating system Windows 10 in cooperation with companies Lenovo, Acer, and Dell.

It has been revealed, Microsoft unveiled 7 new devices at the Bett 2019 tutorial aims to provide a good working environment for students at premium prices that devices belonging to the business office in particular.

The device comes first as an updated version of the Lenovo for its Lenovo 100e, where it offers new advantages and has a battery that lasts about 10 hours with separate USC – C is priced at 189$. There are also two others of the company are Lenovo 300e which comes at the price of 289 is considered as mutant 2-1 features that supports any pencil and another in the case of Lost student’s own pen, as well as Lenovo 14w. Next to the three devices from Acer the Acer TravelMate B1, Acer TravelMate Spin B1, and the Acer TravelMate B1-141. And from Dell as the Dell Latitude 3300 for Education.

Feature devices the last four that their prices ranging from around 300$ with the $ 13 – 15 inches, allowing the user greater options to the company’s advantages over similarly priced small devices, as the company says, but the truth is that the advantages of the internal processors and other moving price dramatically.

On the opposite, it has launched the Microsoft Pen Classroom Pen that works with Surface devices last it includes traditional pen to a large extent with the opening in the top for use in connecting the pen with the devices to avoid the loss, the company aims to provide more support to their own devices-which was launched in last August and assigned to the students. Note that the new pen comes within the package of educational institutions and 20 pen price 799.80$ – which is about 39.99$ for each pen.

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