Bett 2019: Microsoft’s development of concrete language to help children draft sight to learn programming

Bett 2019: مايكروسوفت تطور لغة ملموسة لمساعدة الأطفال بمشاكل البصر على تعلم البرمجة

Microsoft revealed about a new programming language that worked on its development during the last period, but this language different from other programming languages known, where characterized by being present for students who are blind or toddlers who suffer from sight problems and can’t deal with the programming languages written.

Is considered the programming language of the new concrete and different from the languages that we know of, and its work through the presence of tools colorful is linked with the application code. Each tool with a specific color and sizes and then link all of them with other the code the software (code) is different is build to give a specific command.

Targeting the Microsoft of this language to children from age 7 years to 11 years, and has been working on a project for this language during the last years within the project of Turin, but it launched by now under the Code name Jumper.

In the context of this subject, Microsoft announced it would develop a new programming language under the leadership of the Printing House of America for the Blind, which is considered one of the most important global institutions to support education, in order to provided to all visually impaired and blind around the world.

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