Between Kew Zoe pose for an iPad mouse-red in the Middle East

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

Announced between Q Zo BenQ zowie industry-leading products, electronic games for the launch of their version of the iPad mouse red ZOWIE G-SR in the Middle East, an updated version of the iPad mouse Blue G-SR-SE, which offers players a new color and layout of the latest, and the latest versions of the G-SR the possibility to move your mouse easily, to the side of the well control tool sensor mouse, which are iPad Flat 100 percent made from rubber to ensure you move the mouse smoothly.

It also gives you the special feeling of flow is different from the standard version of the black G-SR, and featured Zoe zowie in late 2008, a brand dedicated to developing the best products and competitive games and to enhance the performance of fighting problems with my electronic toys, and the acquired company between the Q BenQ in 2015 on the brand Zoe to represent the production line of electronic games that offers fun, competitive and real.

The company is among the Kiowa was established to achieve the vision of imparting pleasure and improvement of quality of life, which is one of the world’s leading companies in solutions and technology to mankind to enrich all aspects of the consumer’s life and, to achieve this vision, The between Q focus on areas of interest to the majority at the present time, including lifestyle, business, health care and education, hoping to improve the livelihoods and increase the efficiency and enjoy better health and enhance learning opportunities.

And iPad huge variety of products and technologies that meet the needs of individuals, from display devices (projector), digital, screens and large display interactive, digital cameras, video recorders, computers, mobile phones, and lighting solutions.

Explained company between Q Zo they will stop asking felt Blue G-SR-SE from now on, so that you will be felt the new Red variant of the medium, which has a price of 120 AED.

بين كيو زوي تطرح لبادة الفأرة الحمراء في الشرق الأوسط
Between Kew Zoe pose for an iPad mouse-red in the Middle East

The gate Arab News Technical between Q Zo ask for the iPad the mouse to the red in the Middle East

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