Beware, this app can spy on the accounts of WhatsApp

Seeking WhatsApp to maintain the privacy of its users by providing many characteristics, such as hide last appearance for the user and encrypts conversations End-to-end. But the website revealed Lifehacker about the application name, Chatwatch, he can trade on accounts WhatsApp, despite all the settings and privacy tools provided by the app.

Surprise … Facebook record conversations on the phone. seems to be

Application Chatwatch available for Android users and is available for users of iOS before to do the Apple Store for applications, you can know when you are connected on WhatsApp and bake your friends do, as well as find out if you have an account on WhatsApp connected if given two numbers a user application Chatwatch, which needs 24 hours before showing any results and requires the payment of two dollars.

The Application according to the recipe developer company can’t spy on others efficiently and when checking their account on WhatsApp, he described it is a “use Chatwatch to observe your friends, your family and your employees even when you hide them for Last Seen, I know when they went to sleep and how long, and compare the pattern of being connected with others to see if they were talking to each other during the day. And all that using artificial intelligence”.


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